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My La-Z-Boy Dream Mom Cave

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For the past year, I’ve been brainstorming of ideas for themes of each room in the house. I’m focusing on one room at a time, especially the living room since it’s a place where I spend most of my time in, whether I am working, catching up on my favorite TV shows on the DVR, such as American Horror Story or The Walking Dead, or exercising to one of my Jillian Michaels DVDs.

Since the living room is a room I spend a lot of my free time in, I want it to be cozy, yet cheerful and serene. That’s why it dawned on me a few months ago, there’s nothing more cozy, cheerful, and serene than a nice day at the beach. Since I’m fond of colors, such as turquoise and sea blue, it wasn’t hard to take my ideas from there. My living room is in no way to completion, but it’s slowly, but surely coming together with things I have found here and there to give it a Beachy atmosphere. For an example, I found the blue glass bowl at an antique mall for just $10. Not only the color was perfect, but the ridged edge is reminiscent of beach waves. I recently placed my grandmother’s (she sadly passed away a few years before I was born) seashells in it to make it even prettier.

While shopping for a side table for my lamp, I found this beautiful Caldrea “Water Lily” candle on sale at Target. It perfectly captures the essence of the beach with notes of jasmine and cedar leaf.

My lamp originally came with a wood-esque shade, which was something that didn’t sync with the theme I had in mind, so I couldn’t resist at buying this shade for under $15. I also found the perfect sea green side table for the lamp at my recent venture at Target for just $70.

The only thing that is missing is a beautiful, yet kid-friendly sofa; throw pillows, and a new recliner or a chair. I might want to eventually change my coffee table as well since I’m not totally in love with it. Prior to my involvement with this campaign, my goal was to find the perfect turquoise sofa, which is a hard color to find for a sofa! I found a couple of them, but they didn’t exactly tickle my fancy. Then, one day, I happened to glance at the back cover of my Family Circle magazine to see an advertisement for La-Z-Boy, featuring Brooke Shields. I was astonished to see not only the ad had a beach theme, but it was featuring the most gorgeous turquoise couch! I also fell in love with the chair, ottoman, and lamps.

Can you see why I fell in love with this ad?
Can you see why I fell in love with this ad?

My Trip to La-Z-Boy Furniture Galleries

On January 16th, on what seemed like the busiest Wednesday ever (every store and restaurant was jammed pack….the traffic was also crazy, you would have thought there was a zombie apocalypse), my husband and I decided to make it a date night by dining out and then going to the La-Z-Boy Furniture Galleries in town. We were greeted by the friendliest sales associate, an older gentleman who was extremely helpful. I wish there were more friendly sales associates like him! I told the sales associate about what theme I was aiming for, and he guided me throughout the store, giving me a myriad of ideas. He told me that most people in the area are fond of traditional styles, so contemporary styles in the store was hard to find, especially the sofa I have my eyes on! However, he showed me a few other sofas that were stylish. Even though they weren’t in kid-friendly colors (think juice spills and messy hands), he told me I could easily choose from over thousands of different fabrics to suit my personal style.

My husband and I even tested out a few sofas and chairs to see how comfortable they were. After being able to try out their furniture, I could finally see why they’re well known for their style, comfort, and quality. This is why they have been in business for over 85 years.

They have thousands
of fabrics and leathers to choose from

There were also several pretties (i.e. chic vases and vignettes) scattered throughout the store. Even though I believe I’m covered in that area, I couldn’t resist at snapping a few pictures!

Disclosure: I am a member of the Collective Bias™ Social Fabric® Community. This content has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias™ and La-Z-Boy Furniture Galleries. #MomCave #CBias #SocialFabric All opinions are, as always, 100% my own.

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