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What Would Michelle Do? Book Review

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Michelle Obama grew up in a working class neighborhood on the southside of Chicago. This didn’t offer her the luxury of being entitled, yet it also didn’t hinder Marian and Fraser Robinson from wanting the best for their children, Michelle and Craig. They fostered the deep and endless connection between valuable knowledge and unwavering confidence. They took it to a new level by instilling a no-nonsense attitude, strong work ethic, and positive mindset. This inspired Michelle to become the powerful, admirable woman that she is today. Even early on, she left an indelible impression on everyone that she came in contact with.


One doesn’t have to share the same political beliefs as Michelle Obama or even get into politics at all to read What Would Michelle Do?: A Modern-Day Guide to Living with Substance and Style. This book features a myriad of inspiring and helpful tips on different subjects. One of my top favorite chapters is the first chapter. It talks about improving your self-esteem and your outlooks on life. It also goes on to talk about moving forward in life, and not letting people and or/things affect you – whether it is current or in the past.

Not only Michelle’s parents instilled a sense of self of worth in her, but Michelle was also inspired by admirable women such as Barbara Jordan and Judith Jamison. Both women came from different walks of life, yet had impressive careers that spanned for decades. Michelle drew inspiration from them and followed their lead in her own unique way.

Michelle is known for her unwavering confidence and down-to-earth personality, but she also has an impeccable sense of style that the media outlets can’t help but notice! I put her in the ranks with people such as Audrey Hepburn or Grace Kelly when it comes to style and grace. As a fashion lover myself, the Fashion Forward chapter is another top favorite. It gives practical fashion advice. Like Michelle, I’m not the kind that wears whatever is trendy just because it is in style right now. I like to buy staple items that I know that will always be in style – a good handbag, one that is made of sturdy leather and has structured shape with reinforced stitching; a little black dress, a pair of tall black or brown boots, leather flats, a cardigan, etc.

I find Michelle Obama to be one the most inspirational fashionistas. I love that even though she can easily afford to buy top notch brands, she doesn’t have any shame when it comes to shopping at stores such as Target, J.Crew, White House | Black Market, H&M, and Gap. This makes her style attainable and affordable for those who don’t have the budget to dole out hundreds or even thousands for couture brands.

· Find Your Seat and Take It: How Michelle Obama mastered the art of self-awareness by acknowledging her roots, sticking up for what she believed in and being proud of her personal accomplishments

· Using What You Have to Get What You Want: Michelle taking heed to her parents’ no-nonsense advice: anything she was to achieve or receive in life would be the direct result of her own hard work and persistence

· Embrace the Beauty You Were Born With: How Michelle trademarked her polish, regal look while letting her inner beauty shine through

· Fashion Forward: Mrs. Obama’s closet staples, favorite accessories, and her knack for shopping on a budget

· Making it Work: How Michelle juggles her very distinct, but interconnected roles as a wife, mother, daughter, sister, and friend—and how every woman can too!

What Would Michelle Do?: A Modern-Day Guide to Living with Substance and Style will be released online and in bookstores on April 19th, 2012.

Interspersed with words of admiration from luminaries such as Samuel L. Jackson, Diahann Carroll, Judith Jamison, Sidney Poitier, Magic Johnson, along with personal friends and colleagues of Mrs. Obama, What Would Michelle Do?: A Modern-Day Guide to Living with Substance and Style is the perfect guide for the modern day woman, determined to live her most fabulous life.


Allison Samuels is a senior writer with Newsweek’s The Daily Beast. She is the author of three books as well as a former correspondent for NPR’s News & Notes. She is a contributor to publications including Rolling Stone, Essence, O, The Oprah Magazine, and Marie Claire. She is the recipient of numerous awards including the Society of Professional Journalists’ National Sports Awards and the National Association of Black Journalists’ First Place in Magazines Award. Allison currently resides in Los Angeles.

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