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Growing Seasons By Kristin Johns

Kristin Johns’ long-awaited book, Growing Seasons, arrives as a breath of fresh air, a heartfelt and charming collection of personal stories, recipes, and creative projects.
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Kristin Johns’ long-awaited book, Growing Seasons, arrives as a breath of fresh air, a heartfelt and charming collection of personal stories, recipes, and creative projects. This is not just a book, but a journey, a year-long adventure that guides us through each season, offering wisdom and inspiration that encourages authenticity, resilience, and pure enjoyment of life in every stage and season.

The Taste of Life: Recipes to Savor

Johns’ book is a culinary adventure. Each recipe, carefully selected and lovingly described, is a story in itself. From the Christmas Morning Sourdough Cinnamon Rolls that evoke warm holiday memories, to CeCe’s Famous Cajun Gumbo that tantalizes the taste buds and brings together loved ones around the dinner table. The Sunny Citrus Kale Salad offers a refreshing taste of summer, and the piece de resistance, Kristin’s famous Chocolate Chunk Cookie recipe, is a sweet, decadent treat that is sure to become a staple in many households.

These recipes, however, are more than just instructions for cooking. They encapsulate the essence of the seasons, representing a way of embracing each month and the experiences it brings. They are an invitation to gather, to share, to connect, and to delight in life’s simple pleasures.

Creativity in the Home: DIY Projects

Growing Seasons doesn’t stop at the kitchen. Johns takes us into the heart of the home with a range of creative DIY projects. Rustic Hand Dyed Linens introduce us to the art of fabric dyeing, while the DIY Lavender Blue Tansy Skin Serum combines beauty and wellness with a homemade touch.

Johns’ five tricks to minimize clutter and maximize coziness are a revelation. These practical, implementable ideas transform the task of organizing from a chore into an opportunity to create a warm, inviting space. Her approach to interior design is as much about feeling as it is about aesthetics, and her approachable, easy-to-follow guidance makes it achievable for everyone.

Connections and Joy: Entertainment Ideas

Johns’ book also serves as a guide to celebrating life and fostering connections. The Summer Getaway Essentials and guide to a movie night at home complete with homemade pizza and caramel corn, offer innovative ideas to entertain and bond with family and friends. These sections are filled with a sense of fun and joy, filled with the spirit of celebration.

Reflections on Faith, Family, and Love

Throughout the book, Kristin’s reflections on faith, family, and love thread together the recipes, DIY projects, and entertaining ideas. These personal musings add depth to the book, affirming that every season of life has its lessons and beauty.

Growing Seasons is a tribute to living with courage and authenticity. It is about embracing the challenges and opportunities that life presents, and finding joy, connection, and meaning in them. It is about understanding that each season of life, like each season of the year, has its unique character and value.

An Ode to Authentic Living

Growing Seasons is a triumph. It is a delightful, inspiring, and beautifully crafted work that offers much more than a collection of recipes and DIY projects. It is a guide to living authentically, celebrating life in all its seasons, and finding joy and connection in the everyday. It is a book that invites us to live fully, to savor each moment, and to create spaces and experiences that reflect who we are. This book highlights
the beauty of living authentically and embracing every season of life.

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