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Help your budding physician explore the world of health care through the eyes of a physician with Little Medical School kits.
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Many children dream of the ideal career they want to have when they’re an adult. Most of these ideal careers involve fame or helping others. One of the most popular choices is a career in the medical field, whether it’s a doctor or veterinarian. That is where Little Medical School comes into play!

Little Medical School is a STEM program that brings medicine, science, and the importance of health to your children ages 4-12 in an entertaining, exciting, and fun way. They also offer kits (My Little Pediatrician, My Little Sports Medicine Kit, and My Little Veterinarian Kit) that are perfect for exploring the world of health care through the eyes of a physician while fostering their dreams.

The My Little Pediatrician Kit ($49.99) has all of the medical supplies that a budding pediatrician needs to take care of their patient. It includes a plush doll, white lab coat, diploma, pediatric assessment form, ID bracelet for the baby, a mini Finnish baby box for safe sleeping, punch out stethoscope and otoscope, tape measure, self-guided workbook, and birth certificate.

Alternatively, the My Little Pediatrician Kit also helps older siblings prepare for a new baby, with a baby of their own that they can love and care for. When my 5-year-old isn’t pretending to be a pediatrician, she is pretending to feed, diaper, and cuddle the doll as she would with a real baby. This kit as well as reading books like You’re Getting a Baby Brother by Sheila Sweeny Higginson, Best-Ever Big Sister by Karen Katz, and Arthur and the Baby: A Classic Arthur Adventure helped my daughter prepare and adjust to her new role as an older sibling to her baby brother.

This kit has won multiple awards, including the esteemed Parents’ Choice award! It is worth noting that this award is hard to achieve. The rigors of the lengthy multi-level evaluation process are what made the independent, non-profit program the most trusted for over 38 years.

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