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Our Neighbor is a Psychopath: Kenny Branson

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Take a look at the above screenshot. Cyberstalking and pure obsession! Kenny Branson spends hours on end going through my blog and social media. Only if he spent this amount of time being a better role model and parent for his child.

The True Story About a Neighborhood Bully

Mentally Ill + Racist Neighbor Kenneth Branson with Harassment Signs, Racist Watermelon Trope, and Unauthorized Fence That His Landlord Made Him Take Down – Neighbors Weren’t Happy with His Racist Behavior

Mentally Ill + Racist Neighbor Kenneth Branson with Harassment Signs, Racist Watermelon Trope, and Unauthorized Fence That His Landlord Made Him Take Down – Neighbors Weren’t Happy with His Racist Behavior

My family and I have been a victim of bullying, threats, and stalking throughout this summer by our neighbor: Kenneth Wayne Branson (Newburgh, Indiana; formerly Evansville). There practically hasn’t been a day without our neighbor causing issues. I later found out that he has a history of doing this to other people, including another neighbor and her daughter. He tried to bait this particular neighbor to come out to the road to fight him. She called the police on him. It all started with his daughter. His daughter and my daughter would have squabbles over trivial things, which is normal for kids at that age. Things started escalating to where she started making racial slurs against my oldest son. My husband had suggested to Kenny that maybe it was better for them not to hang out. Kenny agreed and we thought everything was fine until his daughter started bullying my daughter – even attempting to hit her. I caught her making fun of my daughter and youngest son.

Kenny Branson Vaping, Stalking, and Filming on October 19th, 2022

As any concerned parent would do in that situation, I thought I’d try to nip things in the bud by telling him about it. He tried gaslighting me and calling me derogatory names. Needless to say, things were blown way out of proportion! After that, Kenny took the opportunity to start bullying my daughter and encouraged his daughter to bully my daughter even more. He has growled, stomped his feet, and taken video footage of my daughter, her friends as well as me, and other family members with his cell phone – without any rhyme or reason; made threats to her, saying that he was going to handcuff her. This is just a mere sampling of the trouble he has caused my family this summer 2022. It doesn’t seem like it’s going to end since the Warrick County Sherriff’s Office aren’t doing anything. Harassment is never acceptable, and it’s the responsibility of law enforcement to protect citizens from harm. When law enforcement fails to take harassment seriously, it sends a dangerous message that this behavior is acceptable and that victims have no recourse. It’s time for the Warrick County Sheriff’s Office to step up and take action to protect the community it serves.

Kenneth Branson Newburgh Indiana
Kenny Branson and Former Neighbor Heather Dawn Barnett

My daughter can’t be outside without him harassing her. He even brandished a butcher knife and made stabbing motions at her and my 5-year-old son. My family and I were getting ready to go grocery shopping and I was in the midst of looking for my phone when my daughter told me what Kenny was doing. When I looked up, he quickly hid the knife, brought out a tennis racquet, and started swinging wildly – in his yard. My children were scared and they had every reason to be. Even though we decided that weren’t going to go grocery shopping, we still left and called the police before heading back home. We wanted the police to be there before we headed back. When we arrived, Kenny concocted a story that I tasered his daughter.

1. I don’t own a taser.
2. I wouldn’t use any item meant for self-defense on a child.
3. His daughter wasn’t outside when we were leaving to get groceries – just Kenny and a butcher knife + tennis racquet

Kenny backtracked on his story in court in August and said that he only heard a taser.

Kenny Branson also told our previous neighbors (they have been evicted) this. Later on that day, he called the police (again) and claimed that my sister hit him. He retracted his story and said that I was the one that hit him. However, he told the court a different story and said that my mom hit him. As of October 28th, this particular case where he lied about being hit was dismissed and will officially be dismissed soon. Nice try, Kenny! There’s a major difference between our appearances and names. He just wanted to call the police on my family for no reason. The next day, Kenneth Branson and our former neighbors conspired to come up with an ambush plan. A couple of videos that I shared with police officers and the court (we filed an order of protection) of our former neighbors coming from his place to mine to attempt to bait me into an altercation – twice. This can be seen in these videos: Video 1 (this video shows Kenny’s involvement at the 3:05 mark) + Video 2

This contradicts his statement in court when he said that he didn’t have anything to do with it. Not only they had come from his duplex, but he shortly walked over the premises when they started making false accusations, calling me derogatory names, and trying to bait me to fight them. My security camera showed that he was lingering on my property and it appeared that he was filming while this was taking place. My children and I were home alone at the time and my daughter was scared. I felt like I was unable to fully tell my story without getting blamed for their behavior in the process.

Blake Kensell, Heather Barnett, Connor Ridenbaugh, Joseph Sharp, and Kenny Branson – if you zoom in closer, it appears that Joseph is getting high

Shortly after my husband got off from work, my mother-in-law came down to pick up the children to help get them out of that situation. As my husband was helping to escort his mother and our children to her car, my mother-in-law noticed that Kenny was recording them with his phone. My mother-in-law felt threatened and decided to take a quick picture of him just in case he tried to do something to any of us. Kenny proceeded to talk trash to her and her names, such as, “Come on, old woman.” She began to leave, but at that point, Joseph Sharp, Heather Barnett, and Blake Kensell all arrived from hiding out. They practically ambushed my mother-in-law, husband, and kids. They even started using racial slurs against my family (my children and I are multi-racial) and tried to bait them into a fight. At one point, Kenny grabbed his genitals and told my 71-year-old mother-in-law to suck his d*ck.

It wasn’t before long that police arrived – again. Many of them were the same as the earlier situation. One of the officers (Justin Osha) tried to make it about Kenny’s daughter, saying that maybe she didn’t have any friends and needed some friends. I’m not sure what this had to do with anything since this didn’t concern Kenny’s daughter at this point. Justin Osha made it sound like we needed to make amends with Kenny. When I tried to explain to him that this didn’t concern Kenny’s daughter, Sgt. Matt Liddle screamed at me, told me to shut up, and listen to his officers. He said that it was obvious that I didn’t want to let things go. Um, what?

Later on that day, my sister and my nephews came to visit me. Appearing to be amped up and higher than ever, Kenny Branson, Connor Ridenbaugh, Joseph Sharp, Heather Barnett, and Blake Kensell were all in Kenny’s yard when my sister (Marcie Anderson Sebree) and nephews were about to leave. Heather said out loudly, “I’ve never seen so many black people.” My sister told her not to talk to her or her sons. Kenny proceeds to call the police for this particular reason as no incident even occurred. This resulted in one of my nephews getting handcuffed by Sgt. Kyle Tevault for not showing his ID right away.

Meanwhile, the officers never asked the others across the street for their ID nor were they even handcuffed. Let’s talk about discrimination! We know everyone from that group had priors. Sgt. Kyle Tevault took the handcuffs off my nephew after at least 15 minutes, and then he later gave us an hour of excuses – without apologizing to my nephew. He refused to apologize to my nephew and said that he was just doing his job. It was very clear that Tevault knew that he was in the wrong. One of the officers refused to get involved since he didn’t seem to agree with my nephew getting handcuffed. Tevault gave me the outdated “sticks and stones” rhetoric when he was informed about all of the racial slurs that we were called. Words do hurt and can cause years of damage. I must note that my sister has dealt with a racist police officer for years as well, including intimidation, harassment, false arrest, and racial profiling. She clearly hasn’t the only woman of color to go through this with this particular officer (not Tevault), because similar stories were told after he forcibly resigned from his post after a 5-day suspension from the police commission a few summers ago.

I understand that not all officers are like this. Some people become officers because they want to actually make the world a better place, but then there are others that have ulterior motives. The latter should be held accountable for their actions by the legal system. This will continue as long as the good officers continue to stand with the bad officers instead of standing with us on this matter.

My former neighbors, one of their brothers (Joseph Sharp), and his friend (Connor Ridenbaugh) ended up getting charged later that day for other things that occurred that day. Ironically, Kenny never got charged.

As much as he has gotten away with things this past summer, we have come to the conclusion that he’s either an informant or that he has buddies within the police force. I assume the former before the latter since it doesn’t seem like anyone truly likes him. We never had any issues with our former neighbors (Heather Barnett and Blake Kensell) prior to that. Heather previously expressed her distrust of Kenny. Once she started having financial issues and was unable to pay her rent, I noticed her mindset shifted when started hanging with him. I assumed that he was giving her money here and there since Heather and her boyfriend Blake don’t work. I also felt like drugs were at play based on their behavior and unkempt appearances.

These issues at hand no longer concern children squabbling over trivial things, but an adult man who doesn’t know how to control his own behavior. All he has ever done this summer is bullied, harass, stalk, and tried different forms of intimidation against my family, including filming us, whether we’re walking to the car or taking out the trash. I can never have guests without him causing issues with them. However, he prefers for others to do his “dirty” work for him, such as former neighbors, for example. Therefore, things will not fall back on him and he can have others take full responsibility.

Lurks Outside My Daughter’s Bedroom Window

One night in the latter part of July, our security cameras went off several times at 4 in the morning and we caught her Kenny stalking outside my 10-year-old daughter’s bedroom window. The camera didn’t capture the person fully since it was indoors at the time, but I saw Kenny standing outside the window when I peeked out the blinds. Interestingly, I wasn’t able to make any phone calls except to my mom for a very brief moment. I asked her to call 911 since Kenny seemed to be jamming the signals with a cell phone jammer. Thankfully, my husband was able to get through. The officers that arrived weren’t much help.

He Was Flabbergasted When This Was Brought Up in the Courtroom

When they went to his house, he pretended that he was asleep yet somehow was able to quickly answer the door. He showed them footage from his camera and said that no one was in front of my daughter’s window. He most likely deleted the footage and showed different footage. Otherwise, the footage would have shown that there was a person there. When this was brought up in court for the first time, Kenny was flabbergasted. He didn’t have much of an answer. The second time it was brought up during court on another date, he said that it was a black cat that was probably trying to knock the camera down. The thing is cats aren’t at least 5’11”, wear basketball shorts, and jam cell phones. He mostly likely manipulated footage, because this black cat that he was talking about didn’t start making an appearance until a few weeks after this incident. Every time the cat made an appearance, he was running, not trying to knock down a camera.

In a nutshell, Kenny Branson has the traits of a narcissist. Anyone that condones this behavior has to be on the same level as he is on. The police have come here several times yet nothing was ever done since he’d turn around and make himself look like the victim. Our security camera has caught plenty of footage of him just standing outside leering at our house.

He is very rude in calling children names as well as videotaping children and adults, mostly women, without their consent. To me, it’s a violation of privacy that has caused my family a lot of emotional distress. Kenny loves starting issues with neighbors but is quick to call the police and put accusations against others. He seems to be seeking superiority with his lies and threats, but as soon as the police arrive, he shows a double standard. And, when one reacts, it’s the other person’s fault, and he says he/she is in need of help. He’s one of the most immature blame shifters that I have ever seen, and full of nothing but excuses and justifications for behavior.

Encourages His Daughter to Harass

– During the early part of August, Kenny’s daughter called my daughter’s friend via Google Duo, pretending to be my daughter and saying that her mom wants to speak to her. Little did she know, that her face and phone number were revealed during the call.

– Our next-door neighbor’s son was outside with a friend and apparently, Kenny was filming them, and the boy asked him to stop.

– On August 10th (2022), the first day of school, my daughter and her friend were walking home after their bus dropped them off. Kenny and his daughter were driving back home, Kenny proceeded to wave and then flipped them off.

– On August 11th (2022), his daughter spread rumors around his school that my family tried to shoot her. She also blamed her dental issues on us. I brought everything to the attention of my daughter’s school as well as her bus driver, explaining everything that my family has gone through with Kenny and his daughter. They’re well aware of the situation, but Kenzie constantly follows my daughter around at school, especially during recess.

– On August 19th (2022), his daughter begged my daughter to be her friend again. She told my daughter that she needed help and no longer wants to live with her dad since he touches her. Kenzie has said that her dad gives her “hush gifts” in order to buy her silence. This wouldn’t be the first time that his daughter told my daughter as well as others about this. My daughter’s friend wouldn’t doubt this story since she said that he touched her rear when she spent the night with his daughter once, and that he spent most of the night looking at her. As of April 2024, a few boys in the neighborhood told us about how Kenzie told them the same thing without us inquiring. Please keep in mind that he has a history of recording my daughter and her friend without their consent, whether doing silly dances or just simply hanging out. A grown man shouldn’t be filming children, period.

– On September 6th, Kenny crossed the street just to bend down and light up his lighter (twice) behind my mother-in-law’s car. He proceeded to stand up and smoke behind her car for a couple of minutes and slowly made his way back to his house.

Harassing Elderly Women

– On September 15th, Kenny told my mom f*ck you as she was getting my son in her vehicle to take him to school. Kenny’s daughter offered my daughter and her friend gum at school. My daughter said that it had a chemical odor and that she turned it down. However, one of Kenzie’s (Kenny’s daughter) friends accepted it, got sick shortly after that, and started throwing up. I believe that this is one of the cases in that Kenny uses his daughter to try to get back at my daughter and her friend. That night, he started in on my husband and was bragging about how he gets away with everything, including tampering with our mail. He also made a lot of vulgar comments, including that my husband needs to suck my d*ck. This is the low mentality that we’re dealing with here. In addition, it appeared that he was swinging a flail or something similar in the air and talked about taking my husband’s kneecaps out. When police were called, all they said was that he had every right to say whatever he want as long as he was in his yard.

– As of September, there was been a warrant out for Heather’s arrest since August 15th for other priors. She and her boyfriend didn’t appear in court for the charges in regard to the Branson case. Shortly after, there was another warrant out for them. Heather’s brother Joseph was arrested earlier in September for other charges but appeared in court in October regarding the Branson issue. However, why isn’t Kenny being charged for anything, once again? Even the lieutenant said that the video that Kenny showed the officers incriminated him.

Tampering with Mailboxes

– On September 16th, it shows on my camera that is outside lingering. He checks his mailbox at least twice and then about the 2:50 mark in the video, he crosses the street to check the mailboxes that are part of my complex. Not only he admitted to tampering with our mail recently, but I caught him in the act of checking mailboxes that didn’t belong to him. Last week, we discovered a swarm of ants (and maggots) where someone had placed food in our mailbox.

October, 2022

October, 2022: Stalking and harassment continues on a daily basis. Kenny recently placed a spotlight in his left window and installed a floodlight. Both stay on throughout the night and are pointed at my kids’ bedroom windows.

November, 2022

November, 2022: – November 5th, Kenny was playing with a weapon in the broad of daylight and pacing back and forth as if he were on something. He didn’t realize that an employee for Rent One (he was delivering furniture for a neighbor) was standing in the back of the delivery truck as he was doing all of this. In the evening, Kenny attempted to throw a watermelon at my car and missed. This was caught on at least two security cameras. He left a huge splatter on the road instead. The next day, he came outside to take out the trash and “check” his mail (on a Sunday), and then walked back to his driveway and made motions as if he was going to throw something (twice) towards my way and motioned to suck it. He has done the latter on several occasions, which is considered sexual harassment. Later on, I was called racial slurs. On Thanksgiving, he made a false report to Child Protective Services by saying I was abusing my kids, didn’t have any food in the house, and that I was outside in the cold, in a bathing suit, and making TikTok dance videos. CPS was able to see through his lies and didn’t take his report seriously. This wouldn’t be the first he called CPS and made an outrageous report. It wasn’t long before he started to unravel furthermore into complete lunacy.

Adult Male Harassing Kids

November 8th, 2022 He resorted to harassing my daughter while she was coming home after she was shortly dropped off by the school bus. Kenny falsely accused her of going into his mailbox when there were not one, but two videos of him messing with other people’s mailboxes, including his next-door neighbor. He got really upset since he wasn’t expecting my daughter to say something back and had the audacity to tell her to leave him alone when he was the one that started making false accusations. My daughter went to her friend’s house a few houses down after telling me that Kenny and his daughter Kenzie were harassing her – even though this was already caught on the security camera. My daughter said as Kenny was leaving, he started driving slowly and filming her and her friend dancing in the yard. Later on that month (Thanksgiving), he made a false report to CPS and said that I was outside with my daughter and dancing in the bikini while filming myself for a TikTok video. He also said that I have an empty fridge and don’t feed my children. It was one of the most bizarre things!

Throws Dog Feces at Our Car

December 4th – 5th, 2022: He threw his dog’s poop at our back car window on the right side, leaving plenty of remnants nearby. This is the side where my daughter usually sits. He denied it, of course, but little did he know that a neighbor witnessed him do this. Ironically, he has been “rapping” to us lately about how he is going to smear poop in our faces. He keeps trying to bait us into arguments, but he is often left looking foolish among neighbors. The neighbors that have witnessed his charades from time and time again don’t like him. Once again, he’s very uneducated and it shows with his low mentality. I’d learn in summer 2023 via reports that when his daughter Kenzie Carson made a falsified 911 phone call in February 2023 that she admitted to her dad throwing dog poop at our car.

Banned from School Property

December 9th, 2022: Kenny started an altercation with my stepdad when he and my mom were dropping my son off at school. It was obvious that Kenny went to school with this intention, especially since he normally doesn’t go to the parking lot to drop off his daughter. The school called the police on him and he ended up getting banned from the school property. Ever since this happened, he believes that this rule doesn’t apply to him. He thinks he is above the law. Bystanders witnessed Kenny getting into a verbal altercation with the school principal as well. After dropping his daughter off at school and making a complete fool out of himself, Kenny thought he’d have the courage to try to cross the street to my property and the police got even more involved. There has been plenty of incidents, especially during the last few months. There isn’t a day that goes by without him instigating and he teaches his daughter to do the same.

Harassing via Security Camera Speaker

December 10th, 2022: In the video above, Kenny Branson starts harassing my husband through his speaker via his security camera outside. He also involves his daughter Kenzie Carson. Oddly, he didn’t say anything to us when we came home and we were all outside. Yet, Kenny waits until he leaves with his daughter before harassing her. He repeatedly says my husband’s name, and then tells him, “To get back inside, you little bitch.”

On December 12th, 2022, he was standing between his mailbox and trash can while “rapping” out loudly that he was going to f*ck me hard and r*pe me. I’m not sure if his intent was to be funny or intimidating, but it is something that shouldn’t have been said at all.

January 6th – 11th, 2023: After keeping a low profile, Kenny Branson broke the “spell” with a one-sided argument (with no one outside but the camera to witness his foolishness) with me, calling me derogatory names. Later on, that day when my 10-year-old daughter and her friend got off the school bus, he started harassing them. He called them b*tches and m*therfuckers. He also went on to tell them to say what he thought of me (i.e. derogatory names). He played a message attacking my character via a Bluetooth speaker while they were outside. All of this was unwarranted since we had been ignoring each other for a few weeks, but once again, he doesn’t like being ignored.

Having One-Side Arguments

In the course of the few days, he still has been outside having one-sided rants/arguments about me and my family. He made threats against me and my family, saying how he was going to cripple my mom’s boyfriend and beat that b*tch’s ass (referring to me). At one point, he insinuated that those m*therfuckers over there are trying to poison his dog. When he talks about me, it is always the same degrading comments: b*tch, ho, m*therfucker, and c*nt. On the 11th, my mom had come to visit me and he started in on her, her boyfriend, and my husband, saying he wanted me to come outside so he can, “beat that b*tch’s face in“. You can go to YouTube where I have shared several videos. As much as he tried to assassinate my character, he has only made himself look completely foolish.

January 30th: Even though I don’t write or share everything he has said or done this month, it is well documented. On the 30th, my daughter and her friend were walking toward her friend’s house. Kenny started harassing them via his security camera (one of his favorite ways to harass), telling them how cool they think they are and that he was going to smash their faces in. He also told my daughter that I was a b*tch. This was all caught on camera. With Branson telling my daughter that he was going to bash her head in, it’s deeply concerning how Deputy Mike Backer (also known as Patrick Michael Backer) declared harassing my daughter as freedom of speech. Such behavior is not only threatening but also traumatizing for a young child. It is unacceptable that law enforcement officials do not recognize the gravity of such behavior and take appropriate measures to ensure the safety of the citizens they are meant to protect.

Harassment via VoIP Numbers

February – May, 2023: I could write a novel about this! Long story short, he has done everything in his power to contact me, even using various VoIP numbers to text me. On one number, he pretended to be someone else, accused me of leading him on, and resorted to using derogatory language when I ignored him. On another number, he made it more obvious that it was him by commenting on what I was wearing, unaware that these fake numbers could be traced back to him. He even went as far as pretending to call from my husband’s phone number and leaving a voicemail, which I didn’t listen to and it showed that it was coming from a fake number. When my husband confronted him about the text messages and voicemail, he laughed it off. And to top it off, in early April, Kenny screamed my name in the middle of the night again. He still continues to do anything he can to harass. He invited a group of young boys to his yard to play with his daughter while playing a disturbing song about a registered sex offender and having sex at school: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QiX4ikHjTLg (it sounds like a kid is “singing” it)

Abuses Animals

May 29th: Within the past few weeks, I have witnessed Kenny Branson engaging in the abuse of animals, including a cat and wildlife (ducks) https://youtu.be/aRu9wglNk3o (better view) and https://youtu.be/oLBOZAVkxDw (with sound; in the beginning of this video, his neighbors were admiring the geese and he came outside and started harassing the animals after the neighbors got into the red van). Towards the end of the second video, he’s screaming at ducks to get out of his yard, starts barking, and chasing after them (with what appeared to be a small heavy object, such as a brick), which can visibly be seen in the first video. The duck incident happened recently. On May 28th, he told a maintenance man (that was working at the apartments next to him) that he was going to sic his bulldog on the ducks if he (maintenance man) and the landlord didn’t get rid of them. I’m not sure what a maintenance would have anything to do with any ducks, but this confrontation lasted over 20 minutes and was caught on camera. However, this is typical behavior for narcissists that thrive on creating drama. It got so heated that the elderly man threatened to call the police on Kenny.

Here’s a video of abusing a cat (kicking at it) a couple of weeks ago: https://youtu.be/8NZA3phhaRM – I have seen this cat around on several occasions and this cat is one of the friendliest cats.

Neighbors suspect him of recently injuring a raccoon that was found in the driveway. This behavior is not only cruel and inhumane but a violation of animal welfare laws. Although mental health issues may be present, it is still unacceptable to mistreat animals. Not only he is a neighborhood bully, but he is an animal abuser. If he treats animals like this, there’s no telling how else he treats his bulldog (besides what has been witnessed) behind closed doors! He has been witnessed screaming and kicking at his own pet. There have been reports of him having his dog confined to a small kennel for hours on end. The only time he brings the dog outside is to linger outside just to harass neighbors with music that has disturbing lyrics. He needs to surrender his pet, especially if he feels the need to encourage his pet to attack innocent wildlife. It sounds like this was his true reason of getting a dog: to attempt to intimidate people when he is not getting his way.

June 2023

Everyday is music harassment for Kenny. I have a lot of videos of this for documentation! One of his favorite go-to songs is about breaking into “colored” people’s houses. Here are videos where he appears to be strung out on drugs: June 14th (he’s playing a song about killing kids) and June 20th. Around the 14th, my daughter was outside on the porch playing games on her phone, he kind of hid behind his van, and EXPOSED her his PENIS.

He thinks listening to certain music makes him look less racist, but he loves to use racial slurs against me since he knows I am multi-ethnic. Honestly, he listens to this music outdoors loudly just to harass. He starts taking his shirt off, flipping my husband off, and making obscene gestures to his area. He recently left a note in my mailbox, calling me the “n” word and a c00n. He denied it, of course, when the police came. While not caught on camera, he most likely planted it there during the night. However, he was yelling at the police to not step foot on his property. If that doesn’t sound like someone with something to hide, I don’t know what does. He also installed an amateurish looking fence. I’m not sure what he is trying to keep out, but no one ever steps foot in his yard. Typical paranoid behavior!

He still uses a spotlight at night directed at our apartment – at kids’ bedroom windows. I’m not sure if his intention is to blind the camera or for it to penetrate through the curtains, but either way it doesn’t work for him. He just makes himself stand out more when lurking. Kenny got so upset that he created a big, homemade sign, putting my husband’s name on there and telling HIM to stop harassing people. Kenny is also upset that he gets recorded for foolish antics (for court documentation) that he wanted to place the blame on my husband…when it’s Kenny that is constantly harassing me and my family. True narcissistic move! As of June 27th, he built more fencing and it is blocking the entryway that he shares with his next door neighbor. The next day, his next door neighbor got upset and started filming him while Kenny was blaring music for harassment purposes. Kenny turns his back every time people start filming him. While my family and I are his primary target, it seems like Kenny is starting to harass everyone in the neighborhood. It isn’t just us! Someone that knows him personally recently reached and told me that Kenny has always been this way – even as a child.

7/18/23: I learned that Kenny’s next door neighbor (the one that lives on the other side of his duplex, whose entryway he is blocking with his fence) passed away at home from cancer (he was receiving at-home hospice care). He was seemingly celebrating by blaring out his music extra loud, which is disrespectful to his deceased neighbor’s wife and children. Yesterday, Kenny was playing a song about sucking d*ck after the family came home from the funeral.

March 21st, 2024: My husband was having a friendly conversation with our next door neighbor. The mail carrier wasn’t delivering the neighbor’s mail or ours. My husband and the neighbor talked about that and trivial things, such as when my husband lived in New Orleans. An ordinary conversation! Meanwhile, Kenny, who has a no-contact order, marches near the road, screaming, “Don’t believe his lies. He’ll tell you I tampered with their mailbox and tried to break into their house!” No one has ever mentioned anything about him trying to break into the house, but things like that make one wonder if that was his intent. The thing is, Kenny was never brought up one time, yet Kenny wanted to take the opportunity and make everything about him. We’re a family of introverts who usually keep to ourselves, but Kenny will go out of his way to cause drama for my family since drama is essentially his life support. It is what keeps him going. He is unable to go about his day without thinking about us. His daughter is often trying to get his attention, and he’ll ignore her most of the time unless it involves us.

April 3rd, 2024: On April 3rd, 2024, two young boys (go here for broader view). can be seen between Kenny and Kenny’s next-door neighbor’s yard. They seem to be playing around, and Kenny says “kill him” to one of the boys via his security camera. The boys are disturbed by this as one scrambles to get his bike parked next to Kenny’s mailbox. It’s one thing for him to be irritated by the kids. 6 minutes later, he can be seen bringing out the gel bead gun that he assaulted my husband with over the summer.

Saying disturbing things like this is no different than when he told my daughter and her friend that he was going to bash their heads in, which was caught on my security camera. He had also called my pre-teen daughter derogatory names another time. Harassing people via his security camera is nothing new, as he has harassed me and other family members this way. He has also talked to someone from the property management company via his security camera.

It bugs Kenny to no end that he is unable to control the narrative on my platform. However, he has painted that picture himself and has made it quite clear that he is a predator that preys on children and women. He is also a racist and misogynist that has a deep hatred for women and has a poorly inflated view of himself. He has a subpar education and it shows with his limited, vulgar vocabulary. He thrives on drama and he gets aggravated when he is ignored (i.e. narc injury). He has a past drug history, but his actions indicate that is no longer the past. From what I have witnessed, no one ever visits him. Therefore, it appears that he doesn’t have any close family or friends. One can easily see and understand why, though. He is such a miserable person that he thrives on trying to make other people miserable like him.

You never know whose chains you’ll unlock by having the courage to tell your truth, and you may even unlock your own. – Tabitha Brown

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  • HilLesha, I only know your name from David’s and your site@Feversof, but I feel a lot of kinship with you. I have in the past had a few troubles like this with totally bizarre and unruly neighbors, though nothing nearly as bad, egregious, or just plain evil as what you detail here. I’m so very sorry that these things are happening to someone who seems to have so much to offer the world, to judge from your profile above, and even just as a mother and wife and member of a community. Sometimes, a bully makes himself (usually a man, but not always) so feared that even official bodies won’t tangle with him. They are supposedly in charge, but sadly get used to what establishes itself as a sort of status quo. It does sound like your neighbor is gradually being stripped of his posse, which can only be to the good, as it leaves fewer people for him to use to do his “chores” for him. In the meantime, stay as strong as you can, and let strong friends of yours help watch your back, though you always have to be careful that your neighbor doesn’t judge them by the cut of his own jib and accuse them of the sorts of things he would do. There is some amount of natural justice in this bad old world, and it may be that like a sinking ship, he will slowly drag himself below the surface. I wish you all the best, and your whole family. Prayers and blessings, Victoria Leigh Bennett (Vicki)

  • Due to the Sharon Elementary School incident, Kenny Branson now has two charges against him for disorderly conduct. You’d think that something like this would make him want to improve his behavior, but it hasn’t at all. We find it very interesting that a few years ago that his name was tied in the Chelsea Marksberry and Jacob Bengert case. If you watch the interviews and read the court case, you can easily say that math isn’t mathing, especially since it sounded like he was in a relationship or in hopes of one with Chelsea. Perhaps, he was the one that supplied the boyfriend with certain things that day and Kenny was hoping that he’d go to jail or prison. However, his plan majorly backfired. It’s eerily similar to what he did with the former tenant (Heather Barnett).

    Here are a few incidents where he is harassing my daughter and her friend via security camera:

    In this video, he’s calling them derogatory names (i.e. bitches) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J2vIi_FcshU (January 6th, 2023)

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ncRbveLH00Y – he tells them that they think they’re cool and that he’s going to bash their head in (January 30th, 2023)

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vWKmMwIJmK0 – him and his daughter Kenzie harass my daughter (she’s a few doors down the street at a friend’s house). Kenzie calls her chicken butt and Kenny says in a weird voice, “you think you’re cool”, which is the same thing he said when he told my daughter and her friend that he was going to bash their head in. (February 20th, 2023)

    https://youtu.be/oPgOn6IQDEY – this video is from March 21, 2023 where is talking to a person that is possibly from property management (proof that he talks to people via his security camera)

  • On July 22nd, I saw via my security camera that Kenny was leaf-blowing grass clippings in the road in the direction where my husband and I park. Since my husband wasn’t at home at the time, I called and told him not to park there since Kenny has thrown nails in our driveway in the past.  When my husband came home, he swept the grass back into the neighbor’s side of the road and noticed there were cigarette butts, suspiciously rolled-up paper that are possibly marijuana joints, and nails. Kenny got upset and took a leaf blower and blower the clippings in my husband’s face. The police were called and Alexandria Pearson gave us a case number since she considered that as harassment. 

    Kenny left before the sheriff arrived and wouldn’t come back home until much later. Later on in the late evening, my husband took our daughter to her friend’s house to spend the night. Her friend lives a few houses down. The friend’s mom hadn’t come yet and as they were waiting for the mom and the friend to come home, we couldn’t help but notice that Kenny was behaving suspiciously.

    When my husband came back home after the friend’s mom finally arrived, I noticed on the camera that Kenny was on the road and lurking behind our vehicle. My husband went outside and told him to go back inside his home and stopped lurking behind our vehicle.

    Branson proceeded to shine a spotlight in my husband’s eyes and blow more clippings into his face. Furthermore, Mr. Branson brandished a pellet gun and fired it at my husband. I must note that my husband was standing near our car and was never on Kenny’s property. Although the pellets were later found to be made of gel and did not cause injury, we believe this constitutes an assault. Regardless if a person is hurt or not, assault is assault. Once again, this was all caught on cameras.

    I immediately called the police. When the officers arrived, they didn’t take the situation seriously and the main one (Deputy Adam Michael Curry) insinuated that my husband was being a baby about it. He said that my husband should have reacted differently as he was getting shot with the pellets. Therefore, Kenny didn’t get charged. We would find out later that they were gel pellets and Kenny admitted to the officers aiming and using it at my husband. The officers, including Deputy Kyle Barton, even had Kenny demonstrate. Kenny and some of the officers were laughing together about the incident. After they left, Kenny called me racial slurs, particularly the “n” word. In the following days, he made his racist views more evident to the neighborhood.

    As mentioned before, Kenny made a sign about my husband and placed it in his front yard. Recently, he added another one that says: (my name) Get Help Your Crazy (I guess he doesn’t know the difference between your and you’re), and he placed it next to it. As of July 24th, he placed a watermelon next to the signs, which of course, is a very outdated and racist trope: https://www.youtube.com/shorts/l4hc8xzsCOs

    His property manager forced him to take down the unauthorized chicken wire fence, harassment signs, and watermelon: https://www.youtube.com/shorts/VnZ4yLpBiiM – he wasn’t pleased about it and couldn’t seem to let things go, considering he placed the watermelon next to his trash (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JKW81d7abX4) can instead of throwing it away. Neighborhood kids took it the next day of spite (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gtqXlAA0BY8) and he was very peeved when he came home.

    I have plenty of videos where he’s doing weird things, such as leaf blowing dirt on my vehicle and/or throwing chunks of dirt in the road: https://www.youtube.com/shorts/8S9CCWxjdt8

  • Kenny Branson was charged with criminal recklessness October 5th, 2023. On December 6th, 2023, he was served a no contact order. He is not to contact me or my family. I have claimed victory in the petitions via Change.org and I deleted them. However, I thank everyone that signed them, including a former classmate of his that stated that Kenny has been bullying people since he was a kid and confirmed that Kenny still has an ongoing drug problem. Another former classmate of his previously said the same thing.

    His next door neighbor recently moved. I have a video of him going into their mailbox on December 5th, 2023 and walking towards his trash can to discard the mail after sifting through it.

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