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Keeping the Summer Germs at Bay

As a kid, there’s nothing more exciting than being out of school for the year and enjoying the summer time. As a parent, you want to make sure your kids stay healthy throughout the summer months. There’s a chance they’ll be exposed to new germs, even though it’s not cold and flu season, as they spend their break at camp or sleeping over at a friend’s home.
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My son never got sick as an infant or toddler, but this all changed once he first started school. Seemingly, he picks up every germ possible! This often results in a domino-effect in the household, making us susceptible to everything from the cold and flu to strep and sinusitis. Needless to say, it is nearly impossible to keep the whole household healthy at times.

It’s normally worse during the cooler seasons, but the cold and flu are known to run amok in my household during the warmer seasons! Even though my family and I’ve been sick countless of times over the years, sick got real when my daughter, now 5, came down with an upper respiratory infection when she was just a few months old. She was far too young for medication, but she was put on a nebulizer to help treat it. I felt so scared and helpless, especially since this was my first time ever experiencing something this serious with one of my children!

Things like this can always happen we least expect it, so we should always be prepared for those Sick Just Got Real moments. That’s why it never hurts take some preventive measures like washing your hands often, relaxing, considering stress can make us more prone to illnesses; using an air purifier or aromatic diffuser (it cleanses the air by killing off airborne pathogens), being active, and getting a good night’s rest. It also helps to have products like Children’s Advil®, Children’s Robitussin®, Infants’ Advil®, and Children’s Dimetapp® on standby for our children.


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  • My sick jut got real moment was when my grandson started not feeling well on a day out and threw up in my car on the way home.

  • We had to take my daughter to urgent care for an ear infection during my husband’s vacation.

  • My moment was when we were on vacation in a hotel, my two sons were both sick at the same time. Not too easy when there’s one bathroom and you’re stuck in a small room.

  • My sick just got real moment was when my son threw up all over our rental car when we were on a trip.

  • My sick got real moment came last year when our grandson got sick while we were out of town visiting relatives.

  • My sick just got real moment was last year when my nephew got my whole family sick! It started with him, then my brother, his wife, my mom, myself and his sister all got sick.

  • My Sick Just Got Real moment was when my daughter vomited all over my formal gown that I was wearing to a fancy dinner while we were driving her to the babysitter. That evening was cancelled fast.

  • My sick just got real moment was when while riding in the car my daughter got sick and said she had to throw up. We were on the expressway, husband driving, no where to pull over, so I gave her my jacket so she could throw up on it.

  • when I had the flue and then my daughter called and asked me to get her soup from the store …. I was to sick to go for her sorry baby !!!

  • Our sick got real moment was when we all four came down with a stomach virus while on a weekend trip & in a motel room!

  • Picking up my daughter from school after she simultaneously threw up and had diarrhea. That was a fun 2 days!

  • My sick moment is when I’m doing more laundry than usual because of the children throwing up; sometimes over and over again

  • I think the scariest “sick” moment was when my oldest son was about 2… he didn’t feel great and then this huge lump started growing on his neck. Immediately took him to the ENT doctor and found out he had an infected lymph node which had to be surgically drained. It was kind of scary!

  • My sick just got real moment was this past year my daughter started Kindergarten. on the 2nd day i got called to come pick her up she was throwing up everywhere 🙁

  • My sick just got real moment was early September 2016. My toddler just started daycare and my older son started 1st grade. One got sick, can’t tell which first, and got the other sick as quickly as possible. Lucky me, they got me too. So three sick and fussy fellows all in the same week. It was not fun.

  • when I see the thermometer with a high reading is when sick gets real or I hear a deep cough

  • My sick just got real moments have always been when the kids look at me in the morning & say “I’m just going to go back to sleep. I don’t feel so good”. If they’re not up & going, I know it’s real. And it’s time to break out the robitussin!

  • We were at Disney World and my daughter got sick and it turned out she had a massive ear infection, it was horrible.

  • My sick just got real 2yrs ago when my daughter had the stomach flu for 24hrs, was fine for 48hrs, then symptoms returned along with my stomach flu symptoms for another 24hrs!

  • My “sick just got real” moment happened a few weeks after I had my youngest. We were eating pizza for dinner, and my oldest (then 3), said he didn’t feel good and promptly threw up all over the table. As we were cleaning him up, I noticed he had a fever! I morphed into a panicked “omg what do i do??” mode, but we all recovered! It sticks out as my first true test of being a mom of 2!

  • My sick just got real moment was when the two kids awoke sick & I didn’t have anything to give them that was such a mom fail

  • It’s always hard to see the kids come down with fever or a stomach bug. It usually happens when they don’t get all of the sleep that they need.

  • The time we visited Memphis, TN and had to stop at a Grocery Store VERY late at night for medicine for my sick daughter. We were not in a very safe neighborhood but had to have cold meds.

  • Hubby had a horrible cold when we went to visit out new grandbaby — the cold meds I packed (just in case) saved the trip.

  • My sick real moment is when my Autistic daughter which does not communicate all the time vomited all over my husband and son walking through the zoo

    • My sick moment was when I was a t the library… I won’t share the gross details. 🙁

  • It is always a good idea to have this stuff on hand! You just never know when you will need it. Thank you for the chance.

  • My “sick just got real moment” is when we were heading to visit relatives and my son got so sick we had to take him to the hospital…visit cancelled!!

  • My sick just got real moment was when my daughter’s daycare asked how quickly I could get their to pick her up. If I was going to be a while, they were going to call an ambulance for a cold!

  • When you are all set to go on vacation and one of your children comes to you with poison sumac all over her! It was awful.

  • Sick just got real when the entire family came down with the stomach flu one after another. I had to do clean up and nursing.

  • When my son was a baby, he ended up getting croup in summer when it was hot and we had to rush him to the emergency room. That was scary

  • Our sick got real moments was a 19 hour road trip from Delaware to Mississippi with 3 kids under 5. The one that was usually the best behaved complained the whole way down of someone touching them. Needless to say we kept repeating knock it off be good. We felt so bad when we got there we put all the kids in showers. He of course was the last to get a shower and came out of it coated in chicken pox.

  • Getting ready to take an exam and throwing up everywhere in the car on the way there. Couldn’t take the test that day.

  • My sick just got real moment was once when I just moved to a new town and new school I was only there for 2 weeks when I got tonsillitis then a allergic reaction to meds and was out for a month.

  • Sick just got real when we were vacationing in Mexico and drank too much of the tap water/ice cubes.

  • My daughter had a mystery virus when she was only a month old, as first time parents we were so afraid and never left her side. So thankful we made it through!

  • Our last vacation we were driving to the beach (about 14 hours in the car) and about halfway through my daughter threw up all over the back seat. We spent about an hour cleaning up and getting her stuff to calm her stomach down and make her feel better.

  • My sick just got real moment was any time we traveled in the car and the motion made my son throw up

  • When my daughter was little she was really sick when we had to have our new carpet installed. She started to run a fever and collapsed. I rushed her to the hospital where it turns out she had a double ear infection. Sick definitely got real that day!

  • When my daughter had the flu and I took her in to her doctor and then from the doctors office she caught strep.

  • Thankfully I haven’t had any with my daughter that was scary, but I had one when I was younger. I couldn’t breathe and was in the doctors for 5 hours on the nebulizer.

  • Mine was when my teenage said my stomach hurts and immediately following threw up all over the inside of my car on the way to the grocery store.

  • The night before we were leaving to Toronto. My son tells me as he gets off the bus that his ear hurts badly. Trip to the Urgent Care and pharmacy right away..

  • When I got sick with the flu, I had to make popcorn on my job, and it was the WORST thing I ever experienced.

  • My sick got real moment was when my 1 year old son had to be admitted into the hospital for an IV because he was so dehydrated.

  • i seem to get a little “empty headed” feeling as a cold is comlng on. that’s when i know.

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