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The Rules of Being a Kid

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My Son

Daugher in Kid Trax VW Beetle Convertible 12-Volt Battery-Powered Ride-On

As I miss and reminisce the halcyon days of my youth, I can now live vicariously live through my children. They remind me how fleeting life is and to enjoy every single moment of it, however monumental or mundane it may be. There are days when they keep me on my toes, but they keep me young and happy, as there is hardly a day without joy and laughter. Of course, there may be something that they do that either be frustrating or confusing; I never forget that I was once a child, too. Now that I am a mother with two children of my own, I understand what my mom means when she says that when they’re young, they’ll tug on your apron strings and when they’re older, they’ll tug on your heartstrings. How true that statement is! Therefore, I cherish their limited years of childhood, as I know that someday they’ll be on their own, venturing adulthood. And, I’ll miss those days that they were mine.

My Son at the Park

The Popsicle Rules of Being a Kid

– Although it’s the most commonly used adage; be true to yourself, while accepting others for who they are.

– Even though it can be fun staying up at times, try to go to bed at a reasonable time as much as possible. Once you’re an adult, you’ll cherish and value every moment of sleep, whereas late nights will become a rarity or obsolete altogether.

– Popularity is overrated. Take the time and reach out to the “underdog”, because they need a friend as the next person.

– Keeping that in mind, remember that you’re no better than the next person. We are all created equal, yet there are some people who think otherwise, and try to inflate their value.

– Video games can’t take the place of the sheer beauty of being outdoors. Skip a stone. Use chalk to create a “masterpiece” on the sidewalks or drive. Fly a kite. Play Frisbee. Go “treasure hunting” with your metal detector. Enjoy nature, because it is irreplaceable.

– Don’t idolize celebrities, because they’re people, too, and they’re prone to make mistakes. In fact, don’t idolize anyone, for that matter! Everyone makes mistakes, thus they’re bound to disappoint.

– Don’t wish to be older, because you’ll someday miss your childhood.

– There’s nothing wrong with taking pride in your appearance, but enjoy being a child. Don’t try to grow up too fast!

My Son Being Silly

My Son at the Zoo

My Son on His Shaun White Scooter

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