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Strolling in Style with Baby Cargo

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I wouldn’t go as far as to say that I’m a stroller snob, but I do like strollers that are stylish, yet functional, as long as the price adheres to my budget. I also prefer strollers that are lightweight, compact, and easy to use – something that can fold up effortlessly and be placed in the trunk of the car….and be able to get out just like that. Anything else usually poses as an inconvenience, because I don’t want to lug around a stroller that is bulky and/or hard to set up/fold.

I’ve come to appreciate the fact that “top of the line” and expensive (i.e. Stokke Xplory) doesn’t always necessarily equal better. Most “luxury” strollers are ideal for the city, especially if you’re not going to hardly do any driving. The bulkiness of those strollers doesn’t make those in-and-out car trips particularly easy, and they don’t always fit perfectly in the trunk.

This is why the Baby Cargo umbrella strollers instantly caught my eye. They’re sleek, lightweight, and not a hassle to get in and out of the vehicle. I currently have three strollers (one stays in the car, one stays at home for those trips around the neighborhood, and the other one is at my mom’s house when my daughter is visiting), but the Baby Cargo 300 Series Lightweight Umbrella Stroller stroller ($179.99; Available in Eclipse, Blacktop, and Simply Taupe) is my favorite so far.

The Stroller 300 isn’t your run-of-mill umbrella stroller, and one can easily see that at first glance. It features an adjustable canopy, a webbed shoulder strap, five-point safety harness with padded guards, and rubber handle. It is very lightweight (14.9 lbs), yet durable and sturdy enough to hold up to 50 lbs. The age guideline is birth and up, not 6 months and up like most.

It may not have any of the features that a full size stroller will entail, but it perfectly suits my needs and lifestyle. Also, I think it’s pretty sophisticated for an umbrella stroller!

❏ Ultra-lightweight black matte aluminum frame—sleek and rust free
Soft sophisticated textiles, easy to clean
❏ Tailored designed back pocket with a decorative brass Baby Cargo name plate, chic and practical for moms
❏ Super compact, easy to fold, perfect for vacations or trips to the shopping mall
❏ A padded seat and multi-position adjustable backrest and adjustable leg rest

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