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Cold Brew Coffee with Lavender Creamer

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This post is sponsored by Land O Lakes, but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.

Most days call for a piping hot mug of tea or coffee to jump-start my day as I’m not much of a morning person. That first sip of fresh, steaming tea or coffee is rejuvenating and provides me a feeling of renewal. It also provides me a feeling of serenity and at the same moment a burst of energy, particularly if I have a busy day ahead of me. According to statistics, I’m not alone since 100 million Americans drink coffee on a daily basis. 60% admit that they can’t start their day without it!

Recipe forCold Brew Coffee with Lavender Creamer

I usually prefer my coffee hot and without anything added to it, but I have been fueling my mornings with Cold Brew Coffee with Lavender Creamer lately. The taste is reminiscent of a latte I had at a coffee shop when I was visiting Bloomington, Indiana a couple of months ago. This Cold Brew Coffee with Lavender Creamer is deeply aromatic, rich, and smooth!

While I love the idea of gathering the plant in bundles from a lavender field or even growing it in my own garden, in reality, that isn’t feasible at the moment. Instead, I can cut down a considerable amount of time by just purchasing authentic lavender syrup at a local natural grocery store or online! What makes this Cold Brew Coffee with Lavender Creamer so creamy? Land O Lakes Lactose-Free Half & Half! If you’re like me and can’t have regular creamer, this one is perfect. Being sensitive to lactose, it’s refreshing to find a creamer that doesn’t make me feel icky.

Cold Brew Coffee with Lavender Creamer


8 oz. of Your Favorite Cold Brew Coffee
Land O Lakes Lactose-Free Half & Half
Lavender Syrup (any brand)
Dried Lavender Flowers (optional)


Pour in your favorite cold brew coffee. Combine 2 tablespoons of lavender syrup and one tablespoon of Land O Lakes Lactose-Free Half & Half to add your coffee. To add a touch of more sweetness, feel free to mix in a tiny bit of honey. Sprinkle dried lavender flowers if desired. Voilà!

What is your favorite way to enjoy coffee?

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I’m also the founder of Fashion Fling and The Beauty Counter.

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