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Hydrate + Refresh with This Gac Fruit-Infused Drink

Supported by extensive scientific research, GacLife developed an all-natural gac-infused superfruit drink that can help protect your eyes, your skin, and overall health!
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Have you heard of gac fruit? This rare superfruit is indigenous to Southeast Asia and has a wealth of benefits, everything from protecting our eyes from prolonged exposure to screens to beautifying the skin. That’s not all! The lycopene (70x more than tomatoes) and other carotenoids provide health benefits for the heart, which can help lower the risks of stroke and heart disease. Gac fruit (Momordica cochinchinensis) is deeply rich with antioxidants, carotenoids (lycopene, beta-carotene, lutein, and zeaxanthin), vitamins A, C, E, and other healing compounds.

Supported by extensive scientific research, GacLife developed an all-natural gac-infused superfruit drink that can help protect your eyes, your skin, and overall health! One 12 oz. can of this functional beverage includes 20mg of carotenoids, which is equal to consuming in combined total: 1 regular size head of cabbage, 5 large tomatoes, 15 large carrots, 30 bunches of spinach.

Hydrate + Refresh with This Gac Fruit-Infused Drink

GacLife Gac Fruit Infused Drink Review

I kicked my soda habit years ago, avoid sugary drinks as much as possible, and strive on drinking the ideal amount of water per day. Boring as that may sound, I do enjoy drinking other beverages as long as they’re plant-based. This why I love Gac by GacLife. Not only these beverages are plant-based and low in sugar, but Gac is refreshingly delicious! My eyes often feel dry and irritated since I spend long hours working on various projects for the blog and social media. While I have lubricant eye gel to help relieve me of my symptoms from too much screen time, Gac goes the extra mile to help enhance overall eye health. I sampled a few of their flavors, but the Hydrate Passionfruit was my top favorite! Organic and vegan, the Hydrate Passionfruit is only 15 calories and has 2 grams of sugar.

Each Gac flavor is $24 per pack (6 cans). GacLife wants to share some drinkable health + wellness with your friends! When you order Gac via their online store, they’ll gift a free 6-pack to a friend – for free! Just fill in your friend’s shipping info on the order confirmation page.

GacLife Gac Fruit Infused Drink

Currently, Gac can be purchased at various stores in California and online. To find Gac by GacLife near you, please visit this link.

Available Flavors

• Beauty (revitalizing skin elixir)
• Cleanse (daily detox tonic)
• Energy (all day effervescent fuel)
• Hydrate Mango (super-fruity nourishing blend)
• Hydrate Passionfruit (super-fruity nourishing blend)
• Relax (calming kava elixir)
• Sleep (smoothing sleep tonic)
• Sport (performance enhancing solutions)

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