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Take a Walk in My Shoes: Exploring New Harmony, Indiana

New Harmony, Indiana is one my favorite places to visit when I want to relax, unwind, and surround myself with nature, art, and history. This quaint town was originally just known as Harmony since it was established by the Harmony Society in 1814. It was later renamed New Harmony by Robert Owen after he purchased it in 1825.

Robert Owen’s intention was to create a utopian community that was self-sufficient and free of inequality and poverty. His vision of a utopian community may have failed, yet New Harmony is still one of the beautiful and peaceful towns in the state of Indiana.

Reconstructed Harmonist Cabin
Reconstructed Harmonist Cabin

Several of New Harmony’s old Harmonist buildings like the Rapp-Owen Granary, David Lenz House, and Ludwig Epple Guest House still stand and have been restored. These structures, along with others related to the Owenite community, are included in the New Harmony Historic District. Modern additions to the town include the Atheneum and Roofless Church. New Harmony has a vibrant community where plays, concerts, and festivals are held throughout the year. It’s one of the most popular locations for photo shoots, hiking, biking, horseback riding, picnicking, and weddings. It’s the perfect place to visit if you want to retreat from the larger world to seek enlightenment, spirituality, and the beauty of being surrounded by nature and art.



One of the most refreshing things about New Harmony is that each business is independently own! There isn’t a popular chain of grocery stores or restaurants in sight. Downtown is the heart of this quaint and historic town. It boasts an array of antique shops, craft centers, bookstores, and restaurants. Their restaurants offer everything from fine dining by candlelight to deli-style sandwiches. I love stopping by Sara’s Harmony Way on Church St. to treat myself to one of their delectable smoothies like the Very Cherry!

walk with me

The Rapp-Owen Granary
The Rapp-Owen Granary

David Dale Owen acquired the Rapp Granary property in 1843. He used the first level for workrooms and shops. He later developed and combined the second and third levels for a storeroom, laboratory, and lecture hall. The building was used as a woolen and grain mill after his untimely death in 1860. It was rebuilt by John Ribeyre in 1893 after the upper levels were destroyed by fire in 1878.


Kenneth Dale Owen acquired the property from the Corbin Estate in 1948 and later donated it to the Rapp Granary-Owen Foundation. The property’s stone masonry was restored during the years of 1997-1999 to help reflect the 1818 Harmonist exterior form. Today, its rich history and charming architecture make it the ideal location to use for weddings, rehearsal dinners, receptions, business meetings, concerts, conferences, and luncheons.

Cathedral Labyrinth and Sacred Garden
Cathedral Labyrinth and Sacred Garden

Labyrinths have been used by the humankind for over 4,000 years in a myriad of cultural traditions. The Cathedral Labyrinth and Sacred Garden is one of three labyrinths in New Harmony where you can address peace with yourself, family, town, country, or the world. It’s also the perfect place to remember a loved one that has departed from this earth or one that’s going through trials and tribulations. The pattern replicates the Chartres Cathedral labyrinth that was built near Paris in the 12th century.

The Cathedral Labyrinth and Sacred Garden was blessed on October 12th, 1997 by the Chanoine Francois Legaux, former Canon of Chartres Cathedral, France.



You’ll get the feeling of enlightenment as you reach the gates of the entrance that leads to the Roofless Church. Each detail within the grounds of the Roofless Church, whether it’s a quote, poem, scripture, or sculpture, has a wealth of history much as it does with spiritual intent.


The Roofless Church is a beautiful non-denominational church that was designed by architect, Phillip Johnson, in 1960. This architectural landmark stands at 50-feet, featuring an interior dome that is shaped as an inverted rosebud.

The Roofless Church
The Roofless Church



This curved parabolic dome also serves as protector of the sculpture that was sculpted by Jacques Lipchitz. His sculpture has various names: The Madonna of the Inverted Heart, The Descent of the Holy Spirit, or The Incarnation. Jacques Lipchitz insisted that the sculpture could be interpreted by each individual through his own lights and beliefs.

Paul Tillich in Tillich Park
Paul Tillich in Tillich Park


Tillich Park is one of my all-time favorite parks! It’s filled with so much wonderment, beauty, and delight. It was named after one of the most influential Protestant theologians of the 20th century: Paul Johannes Tillich (1886-1965). You’ll find several stones that have inscribed quotations from his writings. A larger than life portrait sculpture of Paul Johannes Tillich overlooks a serene lake that’s nearby. You’ll also see the Chapel of the Little Portion, a tiny white church; a giant wooden chair within Our Lord’s Woods, MacLeod Barn Abbey, and other notable attractions and sculptures as you venture past Tillich Park.

Harmonie State Park
Harmonie State Park

From the flat floodplains along the Wabash River to the lush, rolling hills, Harmonie State Park is the perfect park for the nature enthusiast like myself. It boasts camping, picnic, and playground areas; an Olympic-sized pool, and trails for horseback riding, biking, and hiking. There is also a pioneer cemetery, the Edmonds Cemetery, that’s deep within one of the hiking trails. The monuments are scarce, broken, and hard to read, but they’re interesting pieces of history, nonetheless!


Boots. Stilettos. Wedges. Sandals. If a pair of shoes has a “wow factor” about them and the shoe fit, I’ll wear them! Shoes exude and provoke femininity, allure, and style. My long-winded love affair with shoes began early on. As Marilyn Monroe famously quoted, “Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world.” This season, creatively express your style and ignore the naysayers that suggest that your sense of style is shooed out the door once you get older or have entered the realms of motherhood.

I walked in comfort and style with the Summit ($159.99; available in Stone, Black, or Wine) by Earth Brands during my recent visit to New Harmony! The Summit are inspired by the classic hiking boots and feature a plush leather collar, wide laces, and D-ring hardware.


The versatility of the Summit is perfect in every way. They’re true to size, versatile, comfortable, and undeniably chic. The versatility enables these boot to sync harmoniously with a myriad of outfits, whether it’s a dress, skirt, leggings, or skinny jeans!

Earth® was founded by Anne Kalso, a Danish yoga instructor, who set out to create shoes that made total body wellness its mission. She believed that wellness starts from the ground-up. To walk tall, one’s feet must be grounded and comfortable. To this day, this philosophy is designed into every Earth® shoe.

Shoe lovers will salivate over Earth®’s vast and noteworthy selection of shoes! Their latest collection features beautiful and unique styles that are the perfect addition to any fall wardrobe. These statement pieces feature both vintage and modern influenced styles in a variety of bold and neutral colors.



One winner will receive a pair of Earth® shoes of their choice from the Fall 2016 Collection. Prices range from $95 – $140. The giveaway will conclude on October 31st.

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This blog, To the Motherhood, contains content sponsored by Earth Footwear. The opinions expressed in To the Motherhood are my own.

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  • During Christmas, there’s a cross up on a hill that is all lit up. I love looking up at that cross. I wish they would keep it up all year. I like the Devin boot. Thank you!

  • I live near Chicago , which easily has one of the world’s tallest skylines . However, I’m a country girl and this looks like more my scene here.

  • I love being out on Georges Island in Boston where there’s a giant fort to explore and beautiful areas for picnics with tables.

    I would choose the Crowley boots if I won. They look super warm.

  • Living in Pennsylvania I have easy access to both Philadelphia and New York City both have fabulous skylines. Philadelphia at night is beautiful and the view of the Statue of Liberty is gorgeous and a sight to behold.

    The Pegasus in black is my favorite.

  • I really enjoyed reading about New Harmony Indiana! Looks like a place that I would love to visit. My place that I go to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city and connect with nature is the American River which is fortunately just a few blocks away from me. I love to go for morning walks there and see the beautiful birds, ducks and other wildlife and the beautiful trees and hear the sounds of the river flowing. It’s especially breathtaking in the morning as the sun rises over the river and the water glistens as the sun hits it. I love to take my iPad with me and take photos and videos. I also love the old footbridges that go across the river. I am in need of a great pair of boots to wear on my morning river walks as it’s getting cold here now. Because I have Fibro, I’m very careful about the boots and shoes I wear as far as the comfort level and has to be flat or almost flat heels. Earth’s shoes and boots look and sound wonderfully comfortable to wear. I would love to have a pair of the Pinnacle boots as they look so warm, comfy and comfortable. Thank you for this wonderful giveaway!

  • The Arch!! It’s where my husband proposed. 🙂

    And, I love the Serano’s!! I have never seen anything like them. They’re awesome.

  • A landmark where I live in the “M” on the mountain above the university grounds. I would love the Sierra boots.

  • I like the pleated leather black Treasure boot from Earth Shoes and their fall line. In my area the beautiful Rocky Mountain range provides an iconic backdrop to our area.

  • Such beautiful history, with rich photos – thanks for sharing! In Sacramento, the downtown area has many beautiful landmarks. My favorite to visit with my kids is the old school house near the river, from the 1800’s, a beautiful reminder of the past. The beautiful yellow Tower Bridge goes across the Sac River and is most beautifully lit up at night. I like the Earth Treasure shoes.

  • Here in Biloxi we have our beautiful lighthouse. You can see the Gulf Coast from it and it came through Hurricane Katrina standing tall and proud. I love the Anise shoes in Bark.


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