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Welcome! My name is HilLesha. I reside in Evansville, Indiana with my husband, our two children (8 year old boy and 2 year old girl), and a cat. I'm a vegetarian that practically lives at The Fresh Market. I enjoy traveling, and I love going on spontaneous road trips with no destination in mind. I also enjoy photography, fashion, history, music, naturopathy, organic food, reading, movies, and anything that piques my interest.


  1. lol love it that's too funny. Looks more like a hitch hiker to me

  2. Too cute! :)

  3. bahahaha. That's so cute

  4. They scare the you know what out of me. Sometimes they get into the pond behind my house and I can't go outside with the dog. Ewwwwww

  5. LOL! Too funny.

  6. *Snicker* That is hilarious

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