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Welcome! My name is HilLesha. I reside in Evansville, Indiana with my husband, our two children (8 year old boy and 2 year old girl), and a Maltese named Bali. I'm a vegetarian that practically lives at The Fresh Market. I enjoy traveling, and I love going on spontaneous road trips with no destination in mind. I also enjoy photography, fashion, history, music, collecting antiques, naturopathy, flea markets, yard sales, estate sales, organic food, reading, movies, and anything that piques my interest.


  1. lol love it that's too funny. Looks more like a hitch hiker to me

  2. Too cute! :)

  3. bahahaha. That's so cute

  4. They scare the you know what out of me. Sometimes they get into the pond behind my house and I can't go outside with the dog. Ewwwwww

  5. LOL! Too funny.

  6. *Snicker* That is hilarious

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