The Apple Orchard: 15 Scrumptious Apple Recipes for the Fall Season

Apple Recipes

This is brought to you by All opinions are exclusively my own. Besides pumpkin, apples are also one of the hallmarks of the fall season. Scrumptious recipes, such as Apple Pie Bread, Cinnamon-Cider Candied Apples, or Antique Apple Pie, are enough to keep one from making a beeline for pumpkin this and pumpkin that […]

Functional Everyday Staples at Izola NYC

Emily Dickinson Balsam Pillow

Izola draws inspiration from the old world ideals of utility, beauty, and making things that are “built to last”. Their carefully and appealing curated collection of lifestyle accessories combine functional everyday staples with antiquity. Some of these everyday staples include barware, grooming tools, accessories, luggage, or homewares. With the flicker of a flame and fragrance, […]

Baked Pumpkin Zucchetti with Cherry Tomatoes

Baked Pumpkin Zucchetti with Cherry Tomatoes

I have always had a love for different kinds of pasta, including a common, long-time household favorite for many, such as spaghetti. Pasta is one of those foods that should be eaten in moderation, as they’re rich in carbohydrates. Carbohydrates releases the “the hunger hormone”, commonly known as insulin. This encourages the body to eat […]

How to Digitalize Your Personal Finances


If you frequently browse social media outlets, read posts on your favorite blogs, and shop on Amazon or other online stores, then chances good that you’re moderately tech-savvy. However, even in this Digital Age, many people still rely on paper for other things in their lives, such as paying bills by mail, clipping coupons from […]

A Better World for Kids: Teaching Kindness and Positivity

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I don’t mind allowing my son to play computer and video games, just as long it doesn’t negatively affect family communication or schooling. I know that playing games is one way of helping him relax and unwind after a long, busy day at school. He loves simulation games, as they let him express himself by […]

Elsie Collection at Mr. Kate

The Elsie Collection at Mr. Kate

Transported back in time, step into an entirely new realm of design with the latest collection from Mr. Kate. Lily Elsie, an Edwardian era actress, was the muse for the newest Mr. Kate release, whose perfectly accessorized ensembles tell the story of a life well traveled through the treasures we choose to wear. The signature […]

Fun and Original Designs at Redbubble

Photographer Grrl

Redbubble has a massive collection of artistic duvet covers, tote bags, cards, cases prints, throw pillows, calendars, and tees that will enable you to showcase your individual spirit. Their collection is so massive that one can easily spend all day browsing their site, considering that they offer thousands and thousands of creative and original designs […]