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Calmbox – A Mindful Subscription Box

Dedicated to targeting each of the five senses, calmbox features 6-8 handpicked items to help keep you grounded, calm and tranquil. From healthy treats to aromatherapy to skincare to meditation guides, there’s something that will alleviate stress allowing you to decompress and sleep sounder.
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Work overload, deadlines, debt, lack of sleep, moving, or the stresses of everyday life may all add up to a lot of stress! We’ve all been stressed at some time in our lives due to the pressures of everyday living. It is unavoidable! According to recent studies, 77 percent of Americans experience symptoms as a result of stress on a daily basis. Stress can have a negative impact on our physical and mental health!

Some situations and outcomes are beyond our control, but we can choose how we cope with, respond to, or react when life throws us curveballs. I came to the point where I was getting stressed out over the tiniest of details. I had no option but to sit down and figure out how to tame this beast of stress because I was becoming exhausted and overwhelmed. This has taught me to focus on doing my best rather than the outcome. Can you relate? If so, you may like the Calmbox as much as I do.

Calmbox – A Mindful Subscription Box + Review

Subscription boxes are a brilliant concept! On a regular basis (typically monthly or bi-monthly), they send each lucky receiver a box containing a range of items centered on a certain theme. It’s a great opportunity to discover new brands, try out new products, and find fresh inspiration. While subscription boxes are practically a dime a dozen these days, it doesn’t seem like their popularity is waning anytime soon!

Calmbox is a mindful subscription box that stands out amongst the crowd. This monthly subscription box strives to help people relax and unwind. Every month, Calmbox carefully curates an arrangement of 5 – 7 items targeting each of the five senses. These products can help stressed-out adults find time for mindful moments and relieve some stress at the end of the day. From healthy treats to aromatherapy to skincare to meditation guides, there’s something that will alleviate stress allowing you to decompress and sleep sounder.

The “Love Life” Calmbox

Calmbox Review

When you love your life, life loves you back. With that in mind, every single day is an opportunity to share gratitude, welcome a new friend, or enjoy moments of quiet reflection. Each day builds a week, then a month, a year, and your life, which means every single day matters. Ultimately, how you spend your days is how you spend your life. With the “Love Life” box, Calmbox wants to remind us to enjoy the sweetest things in life – this month and always. This box includes:

◈ “All the Wildest, Most Wonderful Things” Pouch
◈ Smith & Vandiver Aromatherapaes Calming Bath Bombs
◈ Squishy Fruit from So Real
◈ Relaxus Mother Nature Aroma Diffuser Bracelet
◈ Grandpa Soap Co. Witch Hazel Soap
◈ Live Inspired Love Life Sticker
◈ Simpson & Vail Calm Tea

Calmbox has been shipping boxes since its inception in 2015. Their boxes can be purchased as a standalone box, or as a monthly subscription ($29.99/month). You can connect with them via Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

How we spend our days is, of course, how we spend our lives. – Annie Dillard

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