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Taking Control of Your Finances

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This post is sponsored by Lexington Law but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.

No matter how much time you invest in planning for any eventuality, life has a tendency at throwing you a curveball when you least expect it! As the old adage goes, “If it isn’t one thing, it’s another.” This adage hasn’t resonated with me more than it has since last year. You’d have thought otherwise if you took a quick glance at my social media feed.

The beginning of last year started with my youngest son’s temperature skyrocketing without any rhyme or reason. His pediatrician recommended plenty of fluids and different ways to help reduce fever. We followed his advice for a couple of days yet my son’s condition continued to get worse. This prompted us in taking him to the ER since we weren’t seeing any signs of improvement. The doctors couldn’t seem to find the cause of his fever either yet believed it was necessary for him to stay in the hospital for a few days until his condition improved. His condition did improve, but it was a scary experience for all of us!

It wasn’t until a few months later after his hospital stay that I had issues with my own health. This led to countless doctor visits since it was suspected that I had breast cancer. It turned out that I had a benign tumor after I received my results from the core biopsy. However, an excisional biopsy was performed a couple of months after the core biopsy since they found the size concerning. Meanwhile, my son continued visits with his doctors back-to-back over enlarged tonsils/adenoids until recently. At the beginning of June, he had an adenoidectomy, tonsillectomy, and a myringotomy. Needless to say, we have had plenty of curveballs (and medical bills) thrown our way!

One of the most important lessons that my mother taught me in life is to continue to push forward no matter what obstacles are hurdled my way. Having this mindset has helped me endure and overcome various obstacles at different stages of my life. There are some situations and outcomes that we simply can’t control, but it is our choice how we deal, respond, or react when life throws these curveballs our way.

For those financial curveballs, your journey for a better and brighter financial future doesn’t have to be daunting! I believe small steps lead to significant changes. I know that in order for me to improve my credit that I must manage my finances well. Creating a budget plan, tracking expenses, and eliminating unnecessary subscription services are some of the things that help me have a healthier relationship with money. For us, every penny counts since we plan on buying a new house someday.

Small Changes That Can Make a Significant Difference

⦾ If you’re caught in a whirlwind of the hustle and bustle of life, finances may be the last thing that crosses your mind. To obtain or even surpass your financial goal(s), getting organized is key. You can get organized with your finances by creating a budget plan and tracking your daily expenses, which you can easily do with a budget tracker or planner.

⦾ Did you know that by the age of seven that basic money habits are formed? I learned the value of a dollar early in life and this imparted a lifelong lesson on money. That’s why I strongly believe educating your children about the value of a dollar isn’t too early. It may help them to learn how to manage their money. This will also keep them from winding up in a financial shamble later in life. Knowing the worth of a dollar will help save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars in the long term!

⦾ It always helps to have a lending ear when it comes to our finances, even more importantly, if that lending ear is knowledgeable about finances. That lending ear can be a parent, sibling, friend, neighbor, or even a credit consultant at Lexington Law Firm.

Lexington Law Firm believes everyone has the right to a fair, accurate, and substantiated credit report, and they’d love to help. They provide their clients with an establishment of trust and genuine peace of mind, helping them understand that they’re going to fight for their clients’ rights.

⦾ Almost everyone has a financial goal in mind. It can be traveling, preparing for a new baby, saving for a down payment on a house, purchasing a new vehicle, planning for their retirement, saving for their child’s higher education, or creating a fund for a rainy day. One of the first small steps is identifying your financial goals. Having a better understanding of your financial goals can help you achieve them.

⦾ Did you know that millions of Americans are denied loans for cars and homes every year because of errors on their credit reports? It can take up to four months to correct these errors. Monitoring your credit can help inform of any inaccuracies or errors on your credit report. You can access Lexington Law Firm‘s best-in-class services easily from your phone with their proprietary app. One of the services includes detailed credit reports from all three bureaus (Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion).

Improving a credit score doesn’t happen overnight, but a credit score can be repaired with time and dedication. Lexington Law Firm believes that every consumer has the right to have good credit. Please refer to their disclaimer. With Lexington Law Firm on your side, you can navigate the credit repair process with confidence. Sign up to stay on top of your credit with help from Lexington Law.

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  • Taking control of your finances can be such a big thing, I think at times we all need some hints and tips to help take our finances to another level.

  • I hope we can raise ours to be smart with money. We had good upbringing as far as that goes so now we need to pass it on to them.

  • I’m so sorry to hear about all your family’s health problems. I hope you all are on the road to recovery!

  • I’m a big believer in taking control of your finances.

    I was a poor single mom in my late 20’s, but I tripled my income and raised my credit score 200 points by working hard and having a goal

    – to someday quit corporate life and live on a sailboat.

    Its the dream that drives my success.

    Figure out what your dream is, and then create a strategy to attain it.

  • I am glad that your son is ok. This kind of experience teaches us a lot of things. Thanks for sharing it.

  • This is a particularly good time to make sure our lives and finances are in order. Sounds like you have been through a lot this year.

  • It is such an important part of your life to have total control of. There are so many people that want your money.

  • I’m so sorry that your family had these medical issues to deal with, that is so scary! I’m glad you and your son are okay. Good credit and/or financial security can make handling those curveballs a little easier.

  • Oh my, you have been through a lot. Although these things can just come up unexpectedly, we must make sure we are prepared for such eventuality. I have taught my kids to value their earnings (and savings). As a family, we have built an emergency fund. Everyone chips in and I deposit that money in the bank every month. Better to be prepared.

  • When I was a kid both my parents became ill. Different illnesses. I know how it works. Saving investing really helps. I am 27 now I don’t have parents. I know how important it is. Wish your family a speedy recovery…

  • “it is our choice how we deal, respond, or react when life throws these curveballs our way.” Ya ain’t just whistlin’ La Guantanamera with that one!! Great testament to your life choices, good job!

  • Oooh!! I’m so glad y’all are doing much better because ill health is scarier than debt. Alas, medical debt really impacts personal finances so it’s imperative everyone monitor their finances regardless of income level.

  • I am good with budgeting as far as I know but things got crazy when I lost my job after 4 months of no work no pay. I am sad as I am not used to not working, deep inside me there is this whole. I hope I can survive months more financially.

  • We are having a baby so we know what this means! It’s so hard to make sure you are completely prepared. But putting away a little at a time helps a lot .

  • We needed help with our finances years ago, and had an amazing accountant/financial advisor that set us on the right track. Taking care of your finances and teaching kids young about fiscal responsibility is so important!

  • I really like these types of posts! As I get older the more I need to understand money and how much I also don’t know too. Thanks for sharing your knowledge.

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