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Managing Your Blood Sugar

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My dad is one of the most selfless and generous people that I know. Knowing him, he would quickly wave off that compliment since he is humble, as he is shy and not good with expressing his emotions when being praised for his attributes. It’s not only just praises that make him blush, but he has always been emotionally reserved when it comes to expressing his love for his family in the form of words, such as “I love you“. But, my Dad has shown his love in countless of other ways to his family. One of those ways was working long grueling hours at the coal mine to ensure that his family had the best of everything. Even now, he is always there lending a helping hand, whether it is words of encouragement or a household project.

Even though he is now long retired from the coal mine, my dad is spry, independent, and able for his age. My dad, being the go-getter that he is, hasn’t let age deter him from enjoying his life and extending its quality. He will rush to our side when we need help. He’s the last one to think of himself.

My mother is also one of the most selfless people I’ve ever met and will practically go to the ends of the earth for her children. She’s truly a free-hearted, funny, and incredible person who will always listen to be supportive of her loved ones. This woman taught me valuable lessons that will carry me through life. One of the most important lessons that she has taught me in life is never giving up no matter what obstacles are hurled my way. She taught me this early on in life by leading by example. Taking the valuable lessons of strength, determination, and faith to heart along with a positive outlook has helped me endure and overcome various obstacles at different stages of my life.

What do these two have in common other than being my parents as well as being two awesome individuals? They both have diabetes. Diabetes runs rampantly on both sides of my family, affecting several family members of mine. One of my sisters was recently diagnosed with it. While I don’t have diabetes, I do struggle with hypoglycemia from time to time. Contrary to popular belief, you can be hypoglycemic without having diabetes.

Managing Your Blood Sugar

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Eat Small Meals Throughout the Day: Spacing out my meals 2-3 hours apart not only helps me deter mindless snacking, but it also keeps my blood sugar levels steady. In addition, I’ve noticed that my energy levels are much better when I eat small, frequent meals throughout the day. I’m irritable and anxious when I’m hungry. If I know that I’m going to be away from home a considerable amount of time, I’ll pack a protein bar or two in my handbag.

My Fitness Pal: With this app, I monitor my calories for each day as well as my sodium, carbohydrate, fat, protein, and sugar intake. For example, a diet that is high in carbohydrates can generate a spike in the blood sugar levels.

Drink Plenty of Water: I’ve been amping up my water intake for the past month. I’ve also been drinking herbal teas like coriander, bilberry, or green tea in lieu of juices. I eliminated soda ages ago, which has helped me out tremendously health and weight wise.

Stress Less: Stress can put a damper on anyone’s health! It can affect your blood sugar levels and make your body susceptible to illness. There are many natural and inexpensive ways to improve stress, such as yoga. There are several different styles of yoga. Some styles of yoga that reduce stress and anxiety while relaxing the mind and body are restorative yoga, Hatha, and Ashtanga. Yoga is also beneficial for different aspects of our health.

Promote Healthy Blood Sugar Levels with IoniCell: Supplements like IoniCell promotes cellular protection, cellular energy, and healthy blood glucose management. How does it exactly work? IoniCell has a patented, proprietary ingredient Ioniplex that has been used in the health and wellness industry for over 20 years. Its mission is to help reduce cell damage that is caused by excess glucose and moderate “postprandial” spikes that normally occur after a meal. IoniCell has anti-aging properties, in addition, to healthy blood glucose management. It has been found to improve collagen formation by 30%, improve skin texture by 33%, improve hair luster by 14%, and increase nail growth by 142%.

I haven’t been taking IoniCell for long, but I have already noticed a vast improvement in my energy levels after I take 1 or 2 capsules daily. For best results, it is recommended to take it after a meal. I usually feel tired and sluggish after eating, but that isn’t the case ever since I’ve been taking these supplements on a daily basis.

It gets better! These blood sugar management supplements are gluten-free, non-GMO, and soy-free.

Get a Good Night’s Rest: Sleep-deprived people may struggle with blood sugar levels and insulin sensitivity. Furthermore, a lack of sleep increases cortisol levels and decreases the release of growth hormones. Both play a crucial role in managing the levels of blood sugar. Getting plenty of rest is also a surefire way to help boost the body’s immune system!

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