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Sick Day Comforts and Feel Better Care Package Giveaway

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This time of the year is when we’re the most susceptible to colds and an array of viruses. It’s almost impossible to avoid coming in contact with them during these months since there are over 200 viruses that cause the common cold. It could be a sneeze in the office or a tickle in your throat while waiting for the train; it’s never a good sign when those first symptoms of a cough, cold or flu hit. You can pretend you’re not sick and hope for the best, or take the first steps to feeling better.

Sick Day Comforts

Steep a Brew

Drinking tea gives me a sense of comfort when I’m feeling under the weather. I love to snuggle under a soft, warm, and comfortable blanket with a good book or catch up with one of favorite TV shows on DVR or Netflix while I’m drinking my tea. There are a vast amount of different kinds of teas. Some of my favorite kind of teas are Earl Grey or sage tea since they provide comforting effects. I also love drinking turmeric or green tea – both are beneficial during the cold and flu season!

Rest Up

Sleep-deprived people produce fewer virus-fighting cells. That’s why it’s important for our bodies to get plenty of rest when we’re sick to avoid overworking an already weakened immune system. Getting plenty of rest is also a surefire way to help boost the body’s immune system!


Drinking water is probably the last thing on our minds when we’re sick, but it’s beneficial in many ways: in helps thin out secretions that are thickening in our airways, helps build white blood cells within the immune system, makes up losses of body water, prevents dehydration, and ensures that we get well more quickly. It’s dated advice that’s not senseless hooey, after all!


As the old adage implies, “Laughter is the best medicine.” There’s no better way to turn those sniffles into giggles than watching a funny movie or TV show! Some of my favorites are Housebound, Welcome to Me, Hoodwinked, Grace and Frankie, and Mean Girls.

Netflix and Robitussin Giveaway-2

One dose of Robitussin® 12 Hour Cough Relief provides up to 12 hours of cough relief, delivering long-lasting cough control and all day and all night. Robitussin® Maximum Strength Severe Multi Symptom Cough, Cold & Flu products offer powerful relief from your worst cough, cold, & flu symptoms and come in both daytime and nighttime formulas.

While Robitussin® is there to tackle the worst cough and cold symptoms, we know it may be only one part of the equation. Whether you snuggle up with warm blanket, sip tea to sooth your aches and pains, or fall asleep to your favorite classic movie on TV, we want to hear how you tackle a sick day by using your own “Feel Better Formula” and Robitussin®. Relief is as simple as adding it up!


Robitussin® 12 Hour Cough Relief

■ Available in great-tasting orange and grape flavors, the cough suppressant delivers fast, powerful relief to control your cough for up to 12 hours.

■ The product contains a long acting formula for controlling cough.

■ Robitussin® 12 Hour Cough Relief is intended for use in adults and children from ages 4 and older.

Robitussin® Maximum Strength Severe Multi-Symptom Cough, Cold & Flu

■ Powerful, maximum strength dual-action formula soothes your throat on contact, and tackles your worst cough, cold and flu symptoms.

■ The daytime formula features a better-tasting formula in a raspberry mint flavor.

■ Robitussin® Severe Multi-Symptom Cough, Cold and Flu is intended for use in adolescents and adults ages 12 and older.

Feel Better Care Package Giveaway

One winner will receive Robitussin® 12 Hour Cough Relief and Robitussin® Maximum Strength Severe Multi-Symptom Cough, Cold & Flu (day and nighttime formulas), $50 Netflix gift card to enjoy their favorite movies and television shows as they rest up during cough and cold season, Robitussin-branded blanket, Robitussin-branded mug, and an assorted sampler of Stash green tea.

Feel Better Care Package Giveaway

The Robitussin® products, information, and additional gift pack have been provided by Pfizer.

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