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The United States Capitol Should Be Your Next Destination

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Washington D.C. is the most known destination in the United States, yet it is also the most underrated destination. It offers a wealth of history, culture, beautiful architecture, and an influx of museums to learn about the events and people that helped shape the United States. I should note that it is recommended that you schedule your visit during the summertime, as Washington D.C. can be bitterly cold in the cooler months. It is also recommended that you purchase a guide to traveling in DC to make the most of your traveling experience. Here are some reasons why the United States Capitol should be your next destination.

The National Archives

The National Archives is the building that houses a trifecta of documents that were responsible for the forming of the United States of America. These documents are the Declaration of Independence, Constitution, and the Bill of Rights. Seeing these documents up close and personal will be one of the most unforgettable moments of your life. The purpose of these documents was to establish the newly formed United States as a country that was not under control of England. The documents, often referred to as the Charters of Freedom, helped to give birth to the largest democracy the world has ever known.

The Jefferson Memorial

There are several key individuals who were pivotal to the formation of the United States. Thomas Jefferson is one of those individuals. If you look at the groundbreaking events in the early days of the United States, Jefferson had a hand in the majority of them. His most famous act is writing the Declaration of Independence, but he also brokered the Louisiana Purchase, buying a huge portion of the southeastern United States from the French. The Jefferson Memorial pays tribute to the third president of the United States.

The White House

After you are finished learning about one of the most notable presidents from years ago, you can check out where our current president lives. The White House has been the residence of every president of the United States, with the exception of Washington. It draws enormous crowds, and there are also security checkpoints that must be passed through. Therefore, you will need to plan your time accordingly if you plan to visit. The White House is like a doorway back in time. You will see many important relics that were used by various presidents who have lived there over the years. Your trip to Washington will not be complete without a visit to the most famous house in the world.

The U.S. Capitol Building

The United States Capitol Building is renowned for its beautiful architecture. It’s also iconic for being the building that where all of the United States laws are made, as well as where all the legislation is passed. The State of the Union address is given by the president every January in the Capitol Building. Tours are available, but you should call to find out when they are. This is a must-see attraction for people who have a passion for history, especially the history of the United States.

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