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Accessing Your Inner Strength through Yoga: Breathing in Peace and Breathing Out Anxiety

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It’s normal if you’re a mom who suffers from mild or chronic anxiety from time to time, especially if you’re tending to chores, keeping the toddlers happy, and taking care of other tasks such as preparing dinner or even running your own business. It’s hard to keep up with it all and feel like you’re accomplishing anything! However chronic anxiety can take its toll on the body, stripping you from feeling like there’s no control over any situation and leading you to have other bodily issues as well. The more anxiety you have the more your muscles can have tension, breathing can be difficult, and thoughts can continue to whirl around in your mind. Yoga is one way to combat this anxiety by helping you overcome frustrations, fears, and the expectations to get everything done as a mother. You can build your coping skills by practicing Yoga daily and remembering to take time out for meditation and deep breathing.


Practice Yoga Daily

Even if you’re a stay at home mom, purchase a few Yoga videos, put on your favorite sports bra and yoga shorts from Sweaty Betty, and spend twenty minutes practicing Yoga daily. Even if you don’t have time for twenty minutes a day, ten minutes is better than nothing. A few Yoga practices daily can help with normal breathing, relax the mind, and reduce stress in the body. Over time this will also help you come up with excellent anxiety coping skills, especially through meditation.

Yoga Gives You Inner Strength

Access your inner strength when you feel the anxiety threatening to take over. You can face overwhelming obstacles by building up your confidence as you perfect and enjoy the daily practices. By reducing stress in your body and mind you are able to go throughout your day worrying less and enjoying life more. When faced with difficult choices and feeling fear in the future you’ll also have the skills to combat these fears and feel at peace.

Yoga Assists with Concentration

Yoga also helps with concentration, allowing you to learn how to completely relax. Training yourself daily to focus and breathe can make a difference. Over time it will teach you how to quiet your mind whenever anxious thoughts enter your mind or you begin to feel overwhelmed. If you can’t seem to concentrate when you’re at home go to a Yoga class nearby or practice Yoga with your friends at one of their homes without the kids. You’ll all enjoy showing off your yoga clothes and Yoga pants while catching up, followed by enjoying a meditation focused Yoga class together as you learn how to relax and unwind. Through deep breathing, meditation, and learning how to concentrate, everything is going to be okay!

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