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Packing Tips for Labor Day

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With Labor Day and last long weekend of summer upon on us – travel is on our mind. Kashia Orlando, the Creative Director and Buyer of Fontainebleau Resorts LLC, has tips on what to pack for Labor day and how to pack to make sure you have everything you need and nothing more.

Dark Brown Signature Travel Suitcase, $118 at Unique-Vintage
Dark Brown Signature Travel Suitcase, $118 at Unique-Vintage

Stick to a Color Scheme:

· Start with two neutrals for your core basics and add two to three vibrant shades that speak to your style.

· A dark palette hides stains and easily sails from day to night.

· Plan your wardrobe around one shoe color. You need only three pairs — sneakers, flats or sandals, and heels or wedges.

Bring Versatile Pieces:

· Lay out everything before you pack.

· Make sure every piece can be worn with at least twice. You want pieces that can do double duty.

Embrace the Accents:

· Satisfy your craving for variety with little things, like fun belts, bold jewelry, and printed scarves.

· Chunky, colorful bracelets and necklaces draw the eye so people don’t focus on the clothes plus they take up very little space!

Planning to Souvenir-Shop?

· Pack a small nylon duffel bag to haul your loot back home

Plan Your Destination(s):

· Whether you’re going on a beach weekend, city escape or country holiday, the packing list will change drastically

· Do research, ask questions. You don’t want to bring huge stilettos and find out that everyone goes out in flip flops.

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