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Vitacost is Spicing Things Up with Their New Spice Store

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Vitacost, a leading online retailer of health and wellness products, announced the launch of its new Spice Store, which offers more than 400 popular spices, seasonings, flavorings and extracts priced at up to 47% off retail. Consumers may check out the extensive selection by visiting their Spice Store.

“At Vitacost, we understand the importance of cooking healthier and with the launch of our new Spice Store, we are excited to offer customers an extensive inventory of high-quality, organic spices and seasonings to suit their culinary needs,” stated David Zucker, Ph.D., Chief Marketing Officer of Vitacost. “We have hundreds of different spices to satisfy today’s flavor-focused consumer at very attractive price points.”

The launch of the Spice Store was inspired by the results of a recent poll of 1,191 Americans that determined basil is America’s favorite spice. Basil ranked #1 out of 23 popular spices and seasonings, with 18% of the respondents naming it their favorite. Cinnamon was second, with 12% of respondents choosing it as their top choice. Salt and pepper were not included among the options.

Other key findings of the poll:

– 23% of respondents add spices or seasonings to every meal with an additional 29% using them almost every time.

– The vast majority of respondents prefer to combine individual spices to taste rather than using pre-prepared marinades, condiments or sauces when flavoring foods.

– Those polled noticed an increased desire for stronger flavoring as they aged, with 45% of respondents saying they now prefer more “intense” flavors than they did when they were younger.

Vitacost also conducted an internal survey that found their customers were more likely to use spices such as garlic, cinnamon and turmeric specifically for their health benefits. The results of the survey indicated that 74% of customers regularly used these spices for health reasons.

To appeal to basil fans seeking a healthy new recipe, Vitacost food blogger Amie Valpone, a personal chef and culinary nutritionist, developed a recipe for Sweet Basil Quinoa Stuffed Squash, available at blog.vitacost.com.

Disclosure: The product(s) in the pictures above were provided in exchange for this editorial feature.

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