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Moringa Source Review

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Moringa Source touts their products as being nature’s most nutritious superfood, because they strive on bringing the best and highest quality products to market.

As Dr. Oz discussed on his April 13th, 2012 TV program, Moringa oleifera is a great natural substitute for coffee, since it has over 90 naturally balanced nutrients, and no caffeine. What this means is that you receive the energy enhancing benefits of great nutrition, without the energy “ups and downs” of caffeinated coffee. If you like green tea, chances are you will enjoy Moringa as a hot or cold beverage. Or if you choose, their capsules will provide you the same nutritional benefits of the Moringa leaf.

In addition to its energy enhancing properties, Moringa is an excellent source of natural anti-inflammatory compounds, as well as more anti-oxidants than either green tea or acai berry. The substances that make Moringa so nutritionally superb on the inside are equally effective at helping you look good on the outside.

The Moringa Starter Combo ($39.99) that I received includes the Moringa capsules, tea, and oil. My husband and I both been sharing the capsules, while I only drink the tea since he isn’t much of a tea drinker. I haven’t really noticed an increase in my energy levels with the capsules, but my husband does when he takes them early in the morning before going to work at 6. He said that it starts wearing down by lunch time, yet he doesn’t experience a crash effect like you do with most energy type supplements and drinks.

As for the tea, I notice a difference in my energy levels. It is not the best flavor in the world, but I much rather not flavor it with anything else. Therefore, I can get the full benefits. If you’re not keen on the taste either, you can spice it up with lemon, cinnamon, or honey. Each tea container comes with 24 bags.

Also, I loved the oil most of all. I used it in the latter part of my pregnancy to avoid getting stretch marks. This was my second pregnancy, and I’m happy to report that I didn’t get at least one stretch mark! I also loved the smell of this body oil, which had a nutty smell. Another thing I liked was that it absorbed into the skin nicely without making me feel icky or sticky in the least.

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