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Top Insider Tips to Making the Most of Disney

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Here are the top 5 insider tips, from Disney fans:

1. For the Older Family: Keys to the Kingdom Tour

You have to be at least 16-years-old for this tour. The tour lasts about 4 hours or so and is about $70 on top of park admission. Sure, you can see most of the stuff covered on this tour by watching specials on the Travel Channel. However, if you’re a Disney freak like I am, there’s simply no comparison to seeing it in person. My favorite part – the “underworld.” There’s so much that goes on behind, er, under the scenes that you have to see it to believe it!

2. For Adults: Drink Around the World

The World Showcase area of Epcot, as you may know, features pavilions from different countries around the world. These pavilions have kiosks that feature local adult beverages and, sometimes, small snacks. You can literally spend an entire day drinking around the world at Epcot. Simply start at one end and begin exploring the food & beverage of countries that most people only dream of going to. You’re sure to have a blast. Cheers!

3. For the Romantic: IllumiNations

This fireworks spectacular takes place every night at closing. It takes place on the lake in the center of the World Showcase. While there are places to see it all around the lake, there are some places that are downright horrible. The better places start to fill up early, so plan accordingly. The China and Germany pavilions recently had changes to the areas overlooking the lake, and make for great viewing.

4. For Kids: Jedi Training Academy

If you have a young Star Wars fan in your family, this is a must-do! The Jedi Master teaches his small group of Padawans the ways of the Force. Participants actually feel like Padawans in their brown robes as they wield lightsabers. The most blood-pumping part of the experience is when the Storm Troppers & Vader arrive.

5. For the Aspiring Artists: Magic of Disney Animation

While the short movie on how animation is made is well done, the best part is what follows. There is a place to meet characters. Usually the latest or upcoming movie is featured here. Also, Fantasia Mickey is featured here. There are areas to try your hand at coloring a scene, or adding sounds to an animated scene. The cool part is the area where you can learn to draw a Disney character. Often it is one of the Fab Five. The very cool part is that you can keep your drawing. The really very cool part is this is free. And you can come back several times. Perfect for all ages.

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