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Charitable Giving with The Paradigm Project

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With the holidays around the corner, the stress of gifting your loved ones can be overwhelming. A simple and thoughtful solution during these lean economic times is to pair your holiday with charitable giving. When gifting with The Paradigm Project, your loved one will receive the gift of knowing that a $40 rocket stove in their name will be changing the lives of an entire family, further, an entire community. By gifting with The Paradigm Project you’ll eliminate the risk of families breathing air that equals the equivalent of 40 packs of cigarettes daily. You’ll provide hours of time for families to be with their loved ones or spend more time working to produce viable results for their economy. You’ll be saving trees, helping the environment and saving income.

Are you looking to give a thoughtful gift, stress-free, avoiding wrapping and shipping, all while helping a greater cause? Give a rocket stove this season, three billion of us need them.

The Paradigm Project’s mission is to implement 5 million stoves in developing countries worldwide by 2020. The answer is simple, yet powerful. One stove can save $280 of income, 1,300 hours of time, 33 trees, and reduce smoke by 60%, stopping 7.5mt CO2e from reaching our environment. Nearly half of the people in the world cook over an open fire, which leads to deforestation, respiratory disease, and poverty. Currently, The Paradigm Project has delivered 28,973 stoves.

Charitable Gift Options:

· Fund a Stove:
one stove can change a family’s life now and create enough revenue to help two families get stoves.

· Support a Community:
build towards a sustainable solution by funding the implementation of stoves for an entire community.

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