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Beauty Essentials for Glamping

Taking a break from the real world doesn’t mean taking a break from your structured beauty routine, and these products will make sure that you look your best without needing the total salon treatment.
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Crisp, cool nights and vibrant days, this is the perfect time to go camping! Does the idea of roughing it in the wild make you cringe? No worries! You can still be surrounded by the beauty of nature and have access to modern amenities as well as everyday comforts.


Take a break from the traditional camping trip full of tents that prove impossible to set up and waking up to wildlife crawling on your face à la The Parent Trap. Instead, treat yourself to the luxury of glamping: all the wonder of the outdoors without actually feeling like the outdoors. Taking a break from the real world doesn’t mean taking a break from your structured beauty routine, and these products will make sure that you look your best without needing the total salon treatment.

Beauty Essentials for Glamping

KARYNG Complete Broad Spectrum SPF50

While glamping implies a bit more indoors time than classic camping, it is still important to protect your skin daily from harsh UV rays. If the thought of applying sunscreen to your face every day seems a bit tedious, this product will change the way you think of SPF. A moisturizer, primer, and non-chemical sunscreen all in one, your skin will not only stay protected, but look smooth and hydrated so you feel protected too!

The KARYNG Complete SPF 50 ($75) is a must-have during the warmer months since it’s lightweight yet provides an ample of coverage. It is a major multi-tasker! It works beautifully as a makeup primer as well as an SPF shield, emollient moisturizer, and anti-aging powerhouse. In addition, it provides a flawless glow in two tinted shades that can be worn alone or as a primer. It is recommended to reapply it every two hours and prior to sun exposure for the utmost SPF protection.

Dr. Karyn Grossman is a renowned board-certified dermatologist that was named as one of the five “Hot Derms” by Harper’s Bazaar. She has been listed as one of the top cosmetic surgeons by Tattler, More Magazine, Vogue, Town & Country, and NY Times. Even the most famous faces of the world flock to her because of her deep commitment to providing a gentler and holistic approach to skin care.

Yuni Shower Sheets Review

YUNI is an innovative, green beauty brand inspired by the Athleisure movement. Complete with high-performing, natural products for skin, body, and hair, YUNI was developed with the intention to deliver practical products for those that live a modern active lifestyle.

With YUNI’s Shower Sheets ($15), you can ensure that you feel fresh and look fresher during your next camping trip! Whether it’s the result of an early morning jog, or walking on the boardwalk in the baking sun, sweat is hard to avoid in the summertime. If you’re feeling hot and sticky, but don’t have time for a shower, these large, pre-moistened body wipes are the perfect solution. Simply wipe one sheet over your entire body for instant freshness so you feel refreshed and ready to get back out in the sun.

Each box of the YUNI’s Shower Sheets includes 12 individually-wrapped packages. These waterless body wipes are large, biodegradable, compostable, and soft, and will gently cleanse the skin without alcohol or other harsh chemicals. Instead, these wipes are made with naturally antibacterial neem, peppermint, and citrus.

Yuni Shower Sheets

With these two products, you can certainly put the glam back into glamping!

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