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Have a Sweet Holiday Season with See’s Candies

Stock up on some of their sweet treats or grab some for holiday gift giving. Pair a box with a holiday candy dish in a stocking for a wonderful gift! Get some before all the elves snap up the boxes!
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This post is in partnership with See’s Candies.

See’s Candies has been making quality chocolate and other candy since 1921. From the beginning, Charles A. See and his widowed mother, Mary See took pride in her recipes and insisted on only the finest, freshest ingredients. Today, they’re still just as committed to making candy the right way.

See’s has expanded from one chocolate shop in Los Angeles, California to over 200 shops across America and now have a flourishing online store. They continue to grow with their commitment to tradition, quality, taste, and service, which never wavers.

You’ll find over 100 varieties of delicious candy, chocolates, and seasonal gifts made with the same motto in mind: quality without compromise. The seasons change at See’s Candies. It is always a joy to see what is offered during each holiday. Right now, it’s filled with autumn delights, turkeys, leaves, and a lot of pumpkin flavors for Thanksgiving time. You’re also able to get goodies for Christmas time, which are filled with Santas, reindeer, and gorgeous holiday wrapped boxes.

Whether you want to thank the party host or give beloved family and friends a sweet surprise, See’s Candies Thanksgiving and Christmas gift sets are full of chocolaty goodness to make them happy.

See’s Thanksgiving Chocolate Creams with a cute turkey and soft creams are great for sharing…or devouring for yourself. The box comes with five mouthwatering pieces, featuring three milk chocolates and two dark chocolates with creamy soft centers. Each is decorated with a candy turkey. They can be the ultimate after-dinner treats! I love those mouth-watering delicious chocolates.

The Autumn Delights are filled with an impressive assortment of chocolate-covered nuts, chews, soft centers, and truffles. Their Autumn Delights is a tasty and heartwarming way to express your gratitude or enjoy yourself! Can you believe the fantastic flavor combination?

The Chocolate Leaves are a tasty harvest treat. Sweep these vibrant jewel-toned leaves right into your candy dish or onto your fall table. They are made of solid milk and dark chocolate. The box comes with 15 decadent pieces.

There is one thing I always want for the holidays – fudge! I love all fudge except peanut butter fudge! Well, did you know that See’s Candies also have delicious fudge? See’s Candies made sure that I got my wish, plus more! Their fudge is the ultimate fudge for fudge lovers like myself! Is there anything more decadent than a fudge? It’s a treat that you’ll want all of the time, and it will melt in your mouth! I am devouring nibbling on the rich yummy flavors of this candy, which includes the very tasty flavors of Bordeaux™ Pecan Fudge, Chocolate Walnut Fudge, and Vanilla Walnut Fudge.

Stock up on some of their sweet treats or grab some for holiday gift giving. Pair a box with a holiday candy dish in a stocking for a wonderful gift! Get some before all the elves snap up the boxes!

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