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5th Annual Scotties Trees Rock! Contest

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Squirell on the Tree

Scotties, notably known for their facial tissues since 1955, kicked off their 5th annual Scotties Tree Rock video contest over the past month. Their annual video contest encourages individuals or groups of children in grades from 3rd – 8th to submit a video about the importance of trees. In each group, the grand prize winner (determined by a national vote) wins $10,000 for their school to use towards a sustainable project.

All videos are to be submitted by November 13th, 2015 at http://www.scottiestreesrock.com. The top 10 finalists will be announced in December 1015, and from there the videos will go to a national vote to determine the winner by early 2016. Prize money will be awarded at a celebratory event in April / May of 2016.

Tree Squirrel

To the Motherhood Giveaway

One winner will receive a Scotties care pack and a $25 Amazon gift card.

5th Annual Scotties Trees Rock! Contest

The prize pack will be fulfilled by Scotties.

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  • Trees are important to me because they clean the air in the environment, give me shade in my yard, and are pretty to look at, especially this time of the year!

  • Trees are super important because they provide shelter for not only humans but animals as well.. They also provide shade and oxygen.

  • How are trees important to you? Please tell me in at least 10 words.

    i fell out of a few when i was little…blacked out on one of them woke up 40 minutes later…yeah,i like trees

  • Tree’s are important to me because they help provide shade when we’re outdoors and they are so pretty and uplifting.

  • Trees are important because of their beauty, their role in providing oxygen to the world, and their place as an oasis for kids to climb and read books!

  • Trees shade my house! Trees give us the very air we breathe. We should stop sending OUR lumber overseas, is what we ought to do to save our trees in the USA.

  • Trees are so very important for many reasons. but they provide us oxygen, food, shade and they are so beautiful.

  • Trees are important to me because they provide shelter for wildlife. Shade from trees brings comfort on a hot summer day. Clean air wouldn’t be possible with trees.

  • Trees are important to me because they help to clean the air we breathe and they provide so much beauty to the earth! They also are an amazing habitat for all kinds of life!

  • Being that I am a natural beauty lover I find gazing at trees healing.
    Especially is there is a beautiful blue sky to go with it!
    thank you

  • Trees create oxygen and help sustain wildlife! I am a firm believer in keeping open space in every community!

  • trees are important around our home because they provide valuable shade and therefore helps keep the house cool

  • Trees are so important for the environment, for the little animals that live there, for shade and many more reasons….but the reason they are really important to me is because they are life, they are nature, they are breathtaking, and they are a thing of beauty.

  • Trees are so important to me being an animal lover…homes to so many animals. Provides shelter for the animals, and us!

  • Trees are important because they help provide oxygen, they provide shade to humans and non-humans, and they provide food for many living creatures. Also, they are beautiful! My husband makes fun of me for taking pictures of trees all the time.

  • Trees are important to me because the provide dwellings for some animals, they provide oxygen, shade and many more things.

  • I think that trees are important to me because they gives us shade on a hot day and also help provide us with oxygen.

  • Trees are important to me because they are important to the environment and they are beautiful reminders of nature’s ability to provide. I love that they can help are birds, provide us shade and shelter, and make our environment more beautiful than we deserve.

  • Trees are important for sure! We have so little green life left on this planet thanks to all the harvesting but not replanting. We plant every year at least one tree, and we recycle everything possible.

  • They provide shade for my kids to go out and play under, I also like the color of the leaves when they change in the fall

  • Trees provide me with visual beauty and provide shade. Trees also help provide oxygen, without it I would die of course.

  • Trees are very important , some provide us fruit and nuts, others are butterfly host plant that without them certain species of butterflies would cease to exist, they provide protection from the wind, bring shade to our yard. They give us oxygen for us to be able to breathe I can think of tons of reasons that trees are very important to us.

  • I think trees are important because they are beautiful, they are homes to animals and when their leaves change color they are simply amazing

  • Trees are important to me because they help to shelter from the sun and heat and they provide oxygen I so need!

  • I live in Oregon, so love the beauty, smell and colors! On my property we have walnut and pecan trees, so they provide food as well

  • Trees are important to me because they provide oxygen, which enables me to breath and are a good source of shade on hot summer days. Not to mention, they provide firewood, which helps me to stay warm during the winter months. Wood from trees is even used to make certain paper as well as rubber products in addition to pencils. Plus, maple trees are a source for real maple syrup, which I love to eat with pancakes. And certain trees grow fruits that are delicious and very healthy to eat.

  • Trees are important because they provide shade in the summer, a home for animals and sometimes food for them, and beauty year round. And the sound of cottonwood leaves rustling is so soothing.

  • The trees in my yard do so much. Aside from their beauty, they provide shade and fruit. I have two plum trees and one pear tree, and they are often quite bountiful.

  • Trees are important to me not only for their beauty, but for what they do for our environment as well! Trees produce oxygen, clean the air and soil,control noise pollution,provide shade and cooling,and increase property values just to name a few.

  • I’m from Vermont so trees are important to me because of the beautiful foliage in the fall, the protection from wind in the winter, the maple syrup in the spring and the cool shade in the summer.

  • Trees are important to me because they keep the air clean, they grow fruit and they are places for creatures to live.

  • Trees are important to me as they give us shade from the sun. They also house so many birds and I love the sound of them early in the morning. I also love their leaves which turn such beautiful colors in the Fall.

  • Tree’s are amazing! They provide shelter, food and oxygen. I am especially amazed by redwood trees. I’d love to get a chance to see one up close.

  • Trees are important to me because they provide clean air, shade from the sun and heat and beauty with the changing of the leaves.


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