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Functional Everyday Staples at Izola NYC

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This post is in partnership with Izola NYC.

Izola draws inspiration from the old world ideals of utility, beauty, and making things that are “built to last”. Their carefully and appealing curated collection of lifestyle accessories combine functional everyday staples with antiquity. Some of these everyday staples include barware, grooming tools, accessories, luggage, or homewares.

Izola Jasmine Candle

With the flicker of a flame and fragrance, candles create an inviting, soothing atmosphere that can evoke a whirlwind of emotions: happiness, relaxation, and love. One of the most romantic fragrances is jasmine. Jasmine is derived from the Persian word “yasmin,” meaning “fragrant flower.” Jasmine, also known as “The King of Flowers”, has a strong, yet graceful fragrance that is not only romantic, but it is also uplifting and relieves stress. Izola’s Jasmine Candle ($35), which is no longer available on their web-site, is scented with a soft, yet noticeable fragrance that beautifully captures the essence of the legendary flower. My mood is instantly lifted as the atmosphere becomes tranquil, almost making me feel that I’m in middle of a Mediterranean garden.

Izola candles are made in the USA from renewable resources. The wax is hand-poured into eight-ounce recycled, colored glass containers that have a rustic, weathered, and charming design quality. In keeping good faith with the old-world, utilitarian ethics, these candles are built to last and maintain their fragrance through 60 hours of burning time.

Made from 100% vegetable wax, Izola also offer other fragrances: Star Anise, Elderflower, Magnolia, Clary Sage, Heirloom, and Golden Thyme.

Emily Dickinson Quote Balsam Pillow

FINITE to fail, but infinite to venture.
For the one ship that struts the shore
Many’s the gallant, overwhelmed creature
Nodding in navies nevermore.”
Emily Dickinson (1830-86), Complete Poems, 1924

This is one of the Emily Dickinson poems that has resonated with me the most over the years, as it is my mantra for ambition. The road for success can be a long, tiresome journey where you’ll encounter obstacles and failures along the way. It’s inevitable, but once you reach your goal of success, it is boundless. Limitless. Infinite. The Dickinson Balsam Pillow ($32) is the perfect reminder of this. This decorative pillow is made of 100% cotton, and is filled with the fresh-smelling needles of a Balsam fir tree that is reminiscent of a morning jaunt through a forest in Maine. It’s the perfect addition to an office, bedroom, bathroom, car, or my choice: the living room! It lends a comfortable look with a rustic sensibility to the living room.

Emily Dickinson Balsam Pillow

Emily Dickinson Pillow

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