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How Secure is Your Phone?

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There’s nothing like embarking on an adventurous vacation, and then realizing that your phone has pulled a Houdini and has vanished! Having a phone stolen is a traveler’s nightmare. That’s what happened to a German tourist while she was vacationing on the island of Ibiza, Spain. Her phone got into the hands of Hafid, perhaps the person who stole the phone or someone who bought it from the thief. Either way, Hafid clearly wasn’t the brightest. He didn’t deactivate the automatic upload camera feature or remove the Dropbox app, thus every pic that he took with the victim’s phone was sent to her online Dropbox account. Some pictures were seemingly innocent, while others were downright egregious. How embarrassing!

The victim made light of her situation by creating Life of a Stranger Who Stole My Phone on Tumblr. Meanwhile, the thief tried making matters worse for himself by trying to flirt with her and a number of her friends since her phone was still linked to Skype and Facebook. It’s a rarity when a victim can take something this heinous in her stride. As for me, I’d have been beyond livid!

Let this be a lesson for us all: secure your phone! In fact, how secure is your phone? I have always thought myself as a cautious person, but the Absolute LoJack has taught me a lot about how to secure devices to prevent identity theft. Tedious as it may be for me, I have even added a password in case my phone ever gets in the wrong hands.

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