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Digitally Dark: 2 Days Without a Cell Phone

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It is remarkable how technology has come a long way. Even more remarkable is that it is constantly evolving! Although it is essential in many ways, we depend on it for everything in our day-to-day lives, including as a source of entertainment, staying connected with family and friends, work, weather, shopping, education, financials, and medical reasons. The list goes on and on. Two of the most dependable technological devices is no other than our cell phones and computers. Sadly, sometimes we’re overly dependent on them. Myself included.

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For the #DigitallyDark Challenge, I was asked to replicate an experience of someone having a device stolen from them by forgoing that device for 48 hours. I had the choice of forgoing my laptop or smartphone. Since I use my laptop for everything, I decided to go without my cell phone. I know there wouldn’t be a choice in a real situation. The time that I lost my cell phone for a few hours wasn’t an easy feat, yet it was nothing compared to “losing” it for 2 days!

The Things I Missed

Emails on the Go – Although convenient, carrying around a cumbersome laptop bag doesn’t easily fit with my busy, on-the-go lifestyle. This is usually where my cell phone comes into play, because I can send emails on the fly.

Taking Pictures – Even though I have two DSLRs for taking pictures, I’m not always keen of the idea of lugging around a heavy camera bag. I’m also careful about shutter count since I’m now aware that mindless clicks increasingly devalues a camera, so I usually depend on the camera phone for those everyday moments. 😀

Staying Connected – Some people prefer social media, especially Facebook, to stay connected with their family and friends. Although easily understandable because of the convenience and conflicting busy schedules, I prefer talking to my family and friends on the phone. 🙂


Since more and more people shop online, track their financials (i.e. online banking), and pay bills online; identity theft has become worse than ever! According to studies, 113 cell phones are stolen every minute in the United States. These are significant, yet sobering numbers enough to take necessary action to prevent identity theft. Some of the best and most surefire ways to protect your data is adding a lock and installing a tracking software on your devices. A tracking software, such as Absolute LoJack, will locate your device, lock it from intruders, and permanently erase your personal data to prevent and protect you from potential identity theft and fraudulent purchases.

Absolute LoJack is currently compatible with Samsung Galaxy devices, but their Absolute Data Protect will locate your device, lock it from intruders, and permanently erase your personal data to prevent and protect you from potential identity theft and fraudulent purchases. They also offer a Recover and Guarantee (if they’re unable to return the device to you within 60 days).

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