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Protect Devices from Theft with Absolute LoJack

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According to research, a laptop computer is stolen every 53 seconds. Even though most laptops are protected with an anti-spyware, anti-virus, and a firewall; this doesn’t prevent a thief from sifting through your pictures or gleaning your personal information, financial data, and passwords. The same goes for tablets and smartphones. This can result in fraudulent purchases, using your credit card; a wiped out bank account, and identity theft.


Some of the best and most surefire ways to protect your data is adding a lock and installing a tracking software on your devices. A tracking software, such as Absolute LoJack, will locate your device in the event that it goes missing, while preventing anyone from accessing your information with a device lock. It will also protect you from identity theft by deleting your personal information if you activate the deletion feature. In addition to their program, Absolute LoJack will replace your device if it isn’t recovered within 60 days.

Me with My HTC Windows 8 Phone

I’ll be participating in the Absolute LoJack Challenge by going #DigitallyDark. I’ll be replicating an experience of having a device “stolen” from me by giving it up for 48 hours. I’ll be chronicling my experience within the few weeks.

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