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Curating Discoveries on eBay Collections #FOLLOWITFINDIT

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My eBay Collections were curated as part of my collaboration with eBay.


Since late August, I’ve been searching high and low on eBay for tried and true favorites and things that I covet. I have been organizing my all-time favorites and new discoveries in a series of curated collections, using eBay’s new feature, eBay Collections, which has recently been unveiled to the public.


My eBay Collections boasts 24 collections that includes everything from fashion and music to home decorating and photography. I have put a lot of time, thought, heart and soul in creating collections that I feel could be inspiring for others, but I do have my top favorites. Some of my top favorite collections are Modern Day Juliet, Sunshine in Paris, The Grey Lady in Emerald City, The Midnight Caller, Love Lace, and Mermaid Hotel. For the next few months, I will continuously be updating my collections to keep them up to date.

Modern Day Juliet Logo


Mermaid Hotel Logo


Beautiful and intriguing, mermaids are the perfect way to add a touch of whimsy to a beach theme.

La Bebe Logo


Browsing eBay can be an overwhelming experience at times, especially during the holidays. This is only because their web-site is brimming to the hilt with store owners and goldmine of items! Therefore, I love the concept of the collections that feature items from like-minded individuals, which can make shopping on eBay an easier experience. Not only it makes the shopping experience easier, but these collections are inspiring and can be beneficial in helping you stay in the loop about what is the “IT” trends of the season, whether it’s your wardrobe or casa. It’s also a great way to connect with others you have similar tastes.

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