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Kwik Media Photo Book Review

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Nero Kwik Media recently introduced a new service on their free software, which makes organizing, editing, syncing, sharing personal videos, music, and videos a breeze. Their new service enables you to design and print photo books, greeting cards, and calendars.

I was recently given a code to create a photo book of my own. With a photo book, the possibilities on what kind to create are endless. They aren’t only great for capturing those favorite moments in your life (family vacations, weddings, parties, etc.), but you can also create one for your favorite recipes! You have your choice of linen, leather, or a standard hardcover in a variety of themes for your photo book. I opted for a black leather book with a black layout. I wanted to keep it simplistic, yet elegant.

Once you’ve settled for what kind of cover and theme you want, you can easily retrieve your pictures from your computer, Android™, Windows® Phone, or tablet into one place so you can select your favorites. Plus, there’s no need to edit your photos with Photoshop or any other photo editing program beforehand, because this software does it all! You can add clip art, which they have a wide variety of! You can also personalized your pictures with captions, titles, or other messages; which would especially come in handy if you’re creating this for recipe purposes. I gathered all of my son’s pictures that were taken this year. Many of them were on my computer or Facebook, collecting digital dust. I was going to eventually have them printed out on a photo printer, but I was slow at getting around to it. However, this idea was even better!

While this is a fun and easy program to use, there are a couple of downsides. I had to create the photo book twice, because the first time I was getting an error message, stating the software couldn’t connect to my internet. Therefore, I had no choice but to shut down the program and re-start it. I didn’t have any problems the second time around. Also, the software dramatically slowed down my computer. This hindered me from taking screenshots to give you a general idea on how this works. This is probably because I have an older computer, which is already a little slow at times anyways. Other than that, I highly recommend this software! I even plan on making more eventually, because I know that my family members would enjoy receiving these as gifts.

A photo book would make an excellent gift that would be appreciated in years to come.

This post is brought to you by Nero Kwik Media. I received a gift card as compensation. All opinions expressed are 100% my own.

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