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The Essentials of Fabulous Review

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The Essentials of Fabulous shows you how to set yourself apart in this “whatever” world by paying scrupulous attention to detail–how passion, enthusiasm, attitude, superior manners and a terrific style will catapult you right into the fabulous pantheon. We are in an era where text messages are sent as thank-you notes, break-ups are done over e-mail, and athletic gear has become standard outside of the gym. “Whatever” is part of our vernacular. Whatever happened to detail? People today have lost innate joie de vivre – pride in appearance, engaging conversation, and general civilities – yet society seems to have an overarching sense of ennui, sadness, and inability to put their best foot forward.

The Essentials of Fabulous is author Ellen Lubin-Sherman’s answer to all of this – a wake-up call to all of us. Whether you are an artist, a CEO, a boomer, a baker, or a mom, an empty nester or a diva new to your career, you can reinvent yourself simply by tending to detail – the warmth of your smile, the shine of your shoe, the way you put away your BlackBerry when dining with a friend, the thank-you note that you mail rather than e-mail. It requires respect for old-world courtliness as well as adapting to the latest technology; it means wearing paste jewels and driving caps and vividly green socks…and listening to that all-talk radio inside your head that makes you want to do cartwheels because you’re you.

Being fabulous requires enthusiasm, a love of purpose and people (and yourself!), and a passion for living that’s more contagious than chicken pox. These things and more will leave them saying, “She’s fabulous!” You don’t have to be connected to get to the top. All you have to do is master the details. The Essentials of Fabulous will guide you step by step, and you begin to live life to its fullest potential and in great style.

The Essentials of Fabulous gives you practical advice on how to be fabulous with style and grace. Sometimes, it can be a bit hard to pull it off when we live in a Jersey Shore/Kardashian world, where classiness is becoming unheard of. This book will give you a playful, yet firm nudge to improve yourself to get yourself on the road to fabulous-ness! Even a small change can dramatically turn around your perspective or self image. Others are bound to take notice!

This is a great book to share with the women in your life. It’s delightfully written, making it far from being boring. You’ll enjoy the author’s funny and insightful ideas.

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