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Elizabeth Anne Purse n’ Boots

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The Purse n’ Boots by Elizabeth Anne ($249.97) just came in time as the cooler weather is settling in for the autumnal season. The boots at Elizabeth Anne are known as the world’s one and only “Purse For Your Feet”. They’ve been featured on Global TV, Homemakers.com, Metro News, Calgary Fashion, Good News Weekly, CTV, CBC Radio, Virgin Radio, String Magazine, The Calgary Herald, and the Canadian National Press.

The Purse n’ Boots are essential for every shoe aficionado on-the-go, because they feature hidden pockets inside. The left boot was specifically designed for your smartphone. This pocket can also be used for your make-up if you don’t prefer carrying your phone in your boot. The right boot features a built-in wallet that is ideal for your credit cards, folded cash, ID, and loose change. This is perfect for those occasions where you don’t want to carry a purse (i.e. shopping, concerts, and traveling).

Not only the Purse n’ Boots are practical, but they’re also fashionable and comfortable! They’re the perfect height for me (knee-length), and the soft leather design gives practically every outfit a classier look. Each boot is adorned with a white butterfly embellishment, which makes me love them even more since I adore butterflies. Here’s an Elizabeth Anne Purse n’ Boots alternative that’s legit and at the fraction of the price ($24.95). It’s been brought to my attention that this company has been scamming their customers. I don’t condone this type of behavior with sponsors, thus I’ve pulled their links!

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