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Living Naturals Review

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Living Naturals has launched a holistic approach that will change the way we look and feel about our home environment. We are all subtly aware that scent can alter our mood and affect our thoughts and emotions; however, many of us haven’t yet utilized the power of scent and what it can do to create a positive energy in our everyday living.

The Living Naturals eco-chic diffuser system ($19.95) gently disperses beneficial properties of aromatic essential oils into the air. While essential oil can sometimes be overpowering, the aromas of Living Naturals are light and highly pleasant. The botanical products utilize nature’s therapeutic and purifying properties, thereby naturally enhancing our mind and spirit while simultaneously purifying and deodorizing our living spaces. Where is balance, we are emotionally, spiritually, and physically well.

Herbaceous Spearmint: A blend of peppermint, spearmint, green herbs, and flowers will leave you feeling uplifted, vibrant, rejuvenated, and refreshing. Peppermint and spearmint oils are well known for being a natural antiseptic and having deodorizing properties without being overpowering. Lime and Tonka bean is known to aid in relaxation and uplift the spirit. This fragrance was surprisingly my top favorite. It improves mental clarity and beats fatigue, which I really needed since I have a hectic schedule that often leaves me feeling beat down.

Lemongrass Verbena: A tantalizing and subtly sweet blend of verbena, lemongrass, and lime will create a clean and refreshing environment. Lemongrass and lime are known for having natural antiseptic qualities, while also being a great room deodorizer and freshener. The scent of verbena has a calming and balancing effect, while the Egyptian Geranium is recognized as being a natural stress and tension reliever. This fragrance was another top favorite of mine, because it created a peaceful environment.

Herbal Pine Amber: Melt away stress and ease tension with a warm and relaxing blend of Siberian Pine and Italian Bergamot, subtly layered with touches of French Lavender, amber and Indonesian Patchouli. Siberian Pine is known to be a natural antiseptic, which makes it a perfect room deodorizer. The scent is powerful and strong, yet relaxing and invigorating as walking in a pine forest.

Mandarin Coconut Milk: The smell is delightful with a warm and inviting blend of mandarin and cedar wood oils with a subtle touch of amber and jasmine. Mandarin and cedar wood oils have natural purifying and deodorizing qualities. Many of the essential oils included in this blend are to strengthen the spirit and promote a feeling of serenity.

The product in this review was provided to the reviewer for keeps and the purpose of writing a review. This in no way effects the quality of the review provided. No monetary exchange occurred in exchange for the writing of the review. The views expressed in this review are strictly that of the reviewer. All reviews provided here are the work of the reviewer and remain completely unbiased.

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