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Bon Ami Review

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Bon Ami originally developed in 1886. They have weathered the Great Depression, the chemical revolution and an endless stream of fads. They kept it simple for over 120 years with their honest, non-toxic, sustainable, earth-friendly, effective and budget-friendly products.

The Bon Ami formula has been updated for contemporary kitchen surfaces and modern sensibilities, with difference products to meet various cleaning needs. The ingredients are simplistic, effective, easy to understand and proudly listed on the package. Full ingredient list can be found here. Bon Ami prides itself on always being biodegradable, non-toxic and hypo-allergenic. Over five generations of customer satisfaction, loyalty and demand have inspired Bon Ami to expand its cleaning power and help community-minded consumers wean themselves off bad cleaning habits and submerge themselves into holistic, happy home health.

The look is new too, although it inspired by the Bon Ami heritage. Many will recognize the red banner; and will notice that the newly hatched chick is an American icon. Both are back in a bold update on an American classic. The bottles are also a bit smoky at times since Bon Ami uses 100% post-consumer recycled plastic bottles for their products.

This simple, yet effective and versatile formula works wonders without the usual phosphates or chlorine for even the most aggressive messes. This includes food spills, oil, pet stains and much more! The All Purpose Cleaner ($2.99) can be used on several surfaces inside and outside of the home, from floors and walls to windows and vinyl car seats. I love that it doesn’t create unpleasant fumes or leaves harmful residues. Best of all, it gets the job done!

For generations, people have used the Bon Ami Powder Cleaner ($1.19) to gently polish away stubborn stains and baked-on goods. Now Bon Ami extends the line with the Bon Ami Dish Soap ($3.79), which is perfect for a quick clean up or a sink full of dishes. It knocks out vigorous, greasy dish soils with ease while being gentle on the skin. It also doesn’t contain phosphates or chlorine, which is good for me since most dish detergents are harsh on my hands.

Overall: I’m certainly no June Cleaver or Susie Homemaker, but I love the calm and clarity of a clean house. And, this what I receive from using the Bon Ami products. Their products will make anyone feel like Susie Homemaker!

The new Bon Ami collection is available in a Free and Clear version that has no added scent or a delightful Tangerine Thyme. The Tangerine thyme has an uplifting fusion of mandarin, orange, tangerine, thyme and clove.

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