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Sip and Supercharge Your Health Goals with Project Juice

Project Juice is functionally designed to invigorate the body system, facilitate a detox and leave users feeling refreshed!
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It’s almost hard to believe that spring is a couple months away. La vie est grande when spring finally make its arrival. Then, you try on last year’s bathing suit. Oy vey! Instead of enlisting on Google’s expertise for the latest fad diet or burkini suppliers; reduce your appetite, jump start weight loss, increase mental focus, enhance hair and skin quality, improve digestion, relieve bloating, amp up your immune system, and detox with Project Juice.

Project Juice is functionally designed to invigorate the body system, facilitate a detox and leave users feeling refreshed! With the inclusion of delicious chef-crafted soups, this all new cleanse offers a warming twist on the Project Juice signature Reset Cleanse line. In addition to the powerful cold-pressed, organic nutrition the Rejuvenation Cleanse includes detox-supporting herbs, digestion-enhancing probiotics and an extra snack to keep cravings at bay. Each day of the cleanse includes four alkalizing and nourishing cold pressed juices, two chef-crafted soups, two concentrated wellness shots, a superfood trail mix, and a cleansing tea. Project Juice has won the approval of Zagat, Refinery29, BevNet, and San Francisco Chronicle.

For a limited time only, save 20% on your next 3-Day Cleanse and enjoy free overnight nationwide shipping when you use coupon code HAPPY2017 at the checkout. The coupon code expires on January 9th, 2017.

Supercharge your diet by sipping an extra dose of vitamins & enzymes and kick start healthy resolutions as you head into the New Year! Set yourself up for success with their selection of 100% organic, cold pressed juice cleanses and flood your body with clean, superior nutrition. You’ll be feeding your body USDA organic and locally-sourced fruits, veggies, healing spices and raw, and sprouted nuts. Each day consists of 6 nutrient-dense juices, specially formulated to detoxify and repair your body on a cellular level, while resetting your metabolism, shedding excess weight and setting you up for healthier eating habits.

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