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A Cautionary Tale About a Poshmark Scammer

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I recently sold a pair of professional nursing clogs that were accurately described in the caption + listing photo yet the buyer, ironically named Karen Annette Connor a.k.a. Karen Pettit, (karen081569 on Poshmark) opened a case, accusing me of causing her shoes to break. Eh, right?

The Nurse and the Exploding Shoes

You’ll see in the listing (https://poshmark.com/listing/Sanita-Animal-Print-Professional-Clogs-5fcfcecde97e48d15d466d9e) that there weren’t any signs of the shoes on the verge of breaking (I brightened the exposure in one of the case photos to show this, too). She then goes on to say the reason why it happened is that I must have stored them improperly and that she talked to Sanita about it. I store all of my shoes properly by placing them on a quality shoe rack and periodically rotating them. She also said that I said they were brand new shoes. I’m not sure how she came up with that claim unless she was judging by appearance, which they were in pristine condition as well as my other shoes. In the listing, though, I described them as in an excellent pre-owned condition.

Judging by the pictures she supplied, it looks like she walked over gravel in them since it shows dusty debris on the outsoles. It’s odd that both outsoles would look like the case photos she supplied unless she walked on terrain that wasn’t suitable for these shoes. Not only gravel leaves a dusty debris, but it can make any shoes susceptible to damage. In additional pictures she supplied, she essentially took the shoes apart to attempt to prove a point. These shoes were in very great shape and very carefully packaged. I find it too odd that both shoes decided to “explode” while she was at work. She went on to tell me that she works at Anniston Regional Hospital in Anniston, Alabama as if that was any importance to the case.

A Closer Look at the Outsoles After She Wore the Shoes

The outsoles pictured in my listing were very clean compared to her photos.

My theories are:

1. She wore the shoes to work, had buyer’s remorse, and took a box cutter or similar tool to cut the outsoles. Anyone that is familiar with Sanita or even Dansko clogs is going to know that they’re very durable shoes.
2. She had a similar pair that were in bad shape and she took the opportunity to purchase mine to make false claims. Oddly, the shoes she pictured in the case photos were lighter in color.
3. She purchased the shoes and realized she didn’t really have the funds to make a nearly $40 purchase on shoes. Hey, many of us have felt a financial crunch at some time or another, but it doesn’t mean that you should resort to this type of behavior. She could have very easily resold these shoes at a higher price than she paid for them.

There are too many contradictions in her statements, especially when she claimed that I touted these shoes as brand new. It wasn’t before long that her messages escalated to harassment, DEMANDING for a refund as if I were at fault for her shoes imploding at the workplace. She also proceeded to call me a liar. A liar for what? I was only stating the facts. At first, she made it sound like the shoes arrived in that condition. She knew she wasn’t able to adhere to that statement after I pointed out the dirt debris on the shoes. Therefore, she decided to go on a different route by saying that I must have stored the shoes improperly. How and where she wears her shoes were beyond my control. I have always had a good experience with Poshmark. I understand that cases are part of the selling journey and this is my first time ever having a case opened against me, but this is definitely one of the most bogus cases I have ever heard of! In the end, we both got refunded.

I have a feeling that I’m not the only person that she has done this to. No one is going to carry on the way she did unless they’re guilty of something. I was cordial in my responses and she was in full blown attack / defense mode, making her look extremely guilty. I have a screenshot above where she went off on a lady that kindly asked her if she was ready to purchase some boots (apparently, this lady was holding the item for her). She also guilts others into giving her discounts, claiming that she’s unable to pay her cable bill. Um, what? Should she not be on a selling / buying platform? Priorities! This woman likes to touts herself as a Christian and a caring nurse on Poshmark yet the barrage of abusive comments via Poshmark and outside of it spoke volumes about her character. If she’s truly a nurse, I’d hate to know what her bedside is like. Also, as someone that has family members that work in the medical field, including nurses, I find it appalling that she’s using the title of a “nurse” as a ploy to take advantage of others. Talk about entitlement!

If you came to my page and curious about this her being a problematic buyer or not, please take my experience to heed! I wish I had read her Meet the Posher page. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have accepted her offer. Thankfully, I have had a pretty good selling experience on Poshmark as well as other selling platforms since I have started last year. However, there will always be that one bad apple! People like her are troublesome to others, but a torment to themselves. I’m hoping that she eventually finds peace within herself, because continuously screwing people over to get ahead is not going to serve her well in life.

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  • Even ignoring the issue with the soles, it’s audacious for her to claim that you are the one telling lies when she is the one who stated in her claim that these shoes were represented as Brand New when they are clearly listed as “Excellent Pre-Owned Condition (Gentle Signs of Wear)” – NOT Brand New. The listing has not been updated since Dec 30th, so it’s not like you went back and edited it after her claim. It’s reflects poorly on her when she says “I will not tolerate lies being told” immediately after she says something that is clearly a lie (all you have to do is look at the listing to see that she is lying). And if she is lying about that, it’s not unrealistic to think she might lie about other things. At least Poshmark let you keep the money. Poshmark is usually pretty good about these things, although the interactions with the buyer are still distressing.

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