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Cabin & Cottage Soap

This post is in partnership with Cabin & Cottage Soap.

Do you enjoy the welcoming scent of a cedar cabin, sipping hot cocoa in front of a fireplace, the scent of rain-soaked wildflowers and ivy, or garden paths lined with fresh herbs and berries? Kristi and Angie from Cabin & Cottage Soap get away from the bustle and stress of everyday life by enjoying a quiet, peaceful stay in a cabin or cottage. That’s why they began making bath and body products that would transport you to a cozy cabin tucked among the mountains or a whimsical little cottage deep in the canopy of the forest.

Kristi and Angie started Cabin and Cottage Soap after many frustrating years of trying to find soaps and lotion to soothe their son’s eczema and that was gentle enough for his sensitive skin. They finally decided to stop depending on other brands and to try their hand at making handmade bath and body products so they knew exactly what ingredients were in his skin care products. They shared a few of their products with friends and co-workers and after receiving high praise, they thought “Why not open an Etsy shop?”

They lovingly make their products in small batches using high-quality ingredients that they personally trust and use for their own family. Their products are paraben and SLS free, using vitamin and moisture rich, skin-loving oils. Each scent is inspired by nature and the family getaways where their lodging of choice is almost always a cozy little cabin or whimsical cottage. Kristi and Angie selected fragrances that remind them of these comforting stays, along with a few fun scents for the kids or to bring back a few childhood favorites for the kids at heart.

Ultimately, they also want their customers to feel like bath time with Cabin and Cottage products give them time to relax and unwind at the end of a long workday. They’re hoping you enjoy using their products as much as they enjoy making them. Making their customers happy is their number one priority! You connect with them via Facebook.

Nothing wakes me up in the morning more than a cool shower! A cool shower is beneficial in many ways, from improving the skin and reducing stress to increasing mental alertness and relieving muscle tension. With many of the benefits that a cool shower provides, I want to smell fantastic with my skin feeling soft and well moisturized all day.

Cabin & Cottage Soap proves that a luxurious feeling doesn’t have to come with a steep price tag! With soothing yet rejuvenating scents like Honeysuckle, Cherry Blossom, Tulip, and Orange Essential Oil, I can easily visualize in my mind’s eye of being pampered at my favorite spa.

The smell of their honeysuckle soap reminds me of childhood. It takes me back to the countless of carefree summer afternoons of playing outside and the sweet smelling fragrance from honeysuckles permeating the air.

Each bar of soap is moisturizing, gentle for all skin types, and lathers beautifully! Have a little one that hates bath time? Bath time can be one of the most challenging chores for parents and children alike. It is an example of one of the mysterious and fleeting quirks of childhood. I’ve lost count of how many times my daughter has protested against having a bath. She simply loathes it! Not only she finds the water to be intimidating, but bath time also signifies that bedtime is drawing near. In the meantime, bath time has become less challenging since introducing her to bath bombs and Cabin and Cottage Soap’s kid-friendly soaps.

I had to stop wearing synthetic fragrances eons ago since most of them would irritate my allergies and cause me to go into a sneezing frenzy. I haven’t completely barred fragrances for life since I now use perfume oils and solid perfumes. In addition to their vast collection of soaps, Cabin and Cottage Soap also has an impressive collection of perfume oils. Some of their scents include Sweet Honeysuckle, Purple Sandalwood, and Blood Orange. In the past, I have been introduced to perfumes that touted themselves as vegan or all natural, yet a closer look at the ingredients list stated otherwise. However, Cabin and Cottage Soap is the real deal! Their perfume oils are not infused with a chemical cocktail of ingredients such as parabens, phthalates, petrochemicals, sulfates, or formaldehyde. Instead, each perfume oil is made with simple, high-quality ingredients. Unlike alcohol-based perfumes, their oil-based perfumes are made with skin loving oils that are great for those with sensitive skin.

Scents like the blood orange and honeysuckle perfectly capture the essence of summer. Need a pick-me-up? The blood orange perfume oil is the perfect way for me to start the day since I find the subtle smell of citrus in this perfume oil to be refreshing, uplifting, and energizing. The overall fragrance is beautiful as it is captivating with a slightly tart, yet delicate touch of sophistication without being overpowering in the least. Love the smell of Honeysuckle wafting through the humid summer air? Their honeysuckle perfume is spot-on! Love woodsy scents? Their purple sandalwood perfume oil gives me the same sense of tranquility that I get from being surrounded by the beauty of nature.

As with someone with sensitive skin, lotion is one thing I hardly use much as I’d like. This is mostly due to the fact that I have a combination of itchiness and irritation with most lotion brands. Their lotion and lotion bars provides the relief that my sensitive skin needs while also giving it the moisture that it craves. I love that their lotion is also lightweight with lightning-quick absorbency, with good for your skin ingredients like aloe vera, vitamin E, and shea butter.

At Cabin & Cottage Soap, you’ll find a wide of array of soaps, shampoos, conditioners, beard oil, and lotions. They’re also happy to help accommodate your needs if you’re unable to find what you’re looking for! Starting on May 16th, you can save $3 off $20 with exclusive coupon code TOTHEMOTHERHOOD at the online checkout.


One winner will receive a bar of soap of their choice from Cabin & Cottage Soap.

Cabin and Cottage Soap Giveaway

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