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Holiday Gift Guide: Bratz Study Abroad

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The Bratz are iconic for their cartoonish looks and cutting edge style. They were getting in touch with their entrepreneur side the last time I featured them. They’re now traveling to and exploring incredible countries around the world! Each doll from the Bratz Study Abroad collection adopts the culture’s traditional fashion and styles and incorporates them into their own wardrobe.

Bratz Dolls Study Abroad

Each doll from the Bratz Study Abroad collection adopts the culture’s traditional fashion and styles and incorporates them into their own wardrobe. This collection is by far my favorite since it intertwines two things that I’m adamant about instilling within my children: the love of learning and traveling.

Bratz Dolls

Study Abroad by Bratz

Bratz Dolls Studying Abroad

Bratz Study Abroad

Meet Cloe

Cloe Studies Abroad

China is known for their historically rich culture and picturesque scenery. Now that Cloe is back from her trip of a lifetime, she’s looking forward to reminiscing about her experience in the company of good friends!

Cloe is decked out in an embroidered brocade jacket, panda tee, “happiness” patterned knee-high socks, denim skirt, edgy heels, and a ying-yang purse. Her second outfit consists of a top and bottom combo with patterns inspired by the East. She also comes with earrings, hair brush, fortune cookie purse, gold tea set, gold luggage with telescoping handle, and luggage stickers.

Meet Sasha

Sasha Studies Abroad

Sasha (also known Bunny Boo) embarked on one of the most adventurous journeys when she traveled to Britain. She’s now ready to recite all of the details about her experience in the UK with her best friends back home!

Sasha is wearing a red and gold jacket, a tee with the London phone booth adorned on it, red plaid pleated skirt, black tights, Buckingham Palace Guard hat, bright red boots with side zippers, telephone booth earrings, and a heart-shaped Union Jack purse. Her second outfit consists of a Union Jack crop top and sparkling gold drawstring pants. She also comes with a tea cup, a plate of macaroons, hair brush, bracelet, white luggage with telescoping handle, luggage stickers, and a British-inspired bunny.

Meet Jade

Jade Studies Abroad

Jade was delving into the world of fashion blogging the last time she was featured on here! She recently had the luxury of studying abroad in Russia. It’s not hard to wonder why she picked Russia since they’re known for their effortlessly cool fashion! Russia is also known for their music, architecture, and literature.

Jade is back from Russia in an embroidered zip-up top with tasseled trim, red floral print boots, yellow pleather mini, turquoise handbag, and an all-over faux fur hat. Her second outfit consists of a mixed-pattern cami and pants. She also comes with a hair brush, blue luggage with telescoping handle, nesting dolls, luggage stickers, and jewelry.

Meet Raya

Raya Studies Abroad

Viva, Mexico! Raya had the time of her life learning Spanish, basking underneath the warm glow of the sun at the beach, and practicing her salsa moves. She’ll never forget the fun vibrancy of her travel to Mexico: the people, colors, and music, which is all perfectly captured in her new wardrobe.

Raya is styled in a ruffle top, brown faux leather bow belt, layered skirt, collared pink jacket, and orange wedges. She also comes with a neon yellow weave-pattern tote, flower adorned headband, pink cactus plant, a pinata, necklace, earrings, hair brush, luggage stickers, and turquoise luggage with telescoping handle.

Meet Yasmin

Yasmin Studies Abroad

Lastly, there’s Yasmin that’s back from her trip to Brazil! The time she spent in Brazil are memories that she’ll cherish for a lifetime: the language, getting drenched by the sun at the beach, the bold sense of styles, and sambaing the nights away.

Yasmin is donning a vividly colored crop top, zip-up denim jacket with fringed sleeves, sunny yellow sandals, and a tropical satin skirt. Her second outfit consists of a sporty top and bottom combo of a short-sleeve track jacket with gold zippers and a blue draw-string soccer pants. She also comes with a light pink shopper tote, turquoise headwrap, two-toned round sunnies, pineapple purse, pineapple earrings, hair brush, luggage stickers, electric green luggage with telescoping handle, and colorful bangle bracelets

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