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Noom: A Healthier Lifestyle at Your Fingertips

I received compensation for participating in this 30 Day Challenge and my work on this review. This post was made possible by Mom Spark Media. Thoughts are my own.

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Even though my 3-month weight loss journey with a diet meal plan came to a screeching halt earlier this month, my journey in being a healthier me is far from being over. I’ll be participating in a 30 Day Challenge with Noom Coach, an app exclusively available on Android, to help challenge, motivate, and guide me in the continuation of making healthy food decisions, logging in my workouts, and keeping track of my calorie intake. This weight loss app is unlike any other weight loss app. It changes the way you move, eat, and think. I find the built-in pedometer highly motivational, as it makes me want to increase my steps more and more. It also has built-in support groups. They’ll place you in a virtual group among like-minded individuals to get the support you need for a successful weight loss journey – no meeting required.

You can also take the 30 Day Challenge, which is free for the first month!

My Story

My struggle with weight started as a teen after moving out of state and into a town of unfamiliarity. I had always been shy throughout my school years, yet I became even shyer once I became the target of bullying because of my shyness. One would have probably thought that this wouldn’t be the case with a private Christian school, yet it, unfortunately, was for me. The constant bullying caused me to become depressed, thus I’d turn to food for a solace of comfort. I did transfer to a different school after nearly two years, yet the damage had already been done. Food became my addiction. It wasn’t until my doctor, a rude one at that, told me that I weighed…A LOT (175 lbs.). The way he put emphasis on “A LOT” made me cringe in embarrassment. From that day forward, I was inspired to change my life around. I started going for walks, stopped my soda addiction, as well as my food addiction, and thought of my health in a whole new perspective. This new perspective brought me down to a healthy weight of 135 lbs.

You will face many defeats in your life, but never let yourself be defeated - Maya Angelou Quote

Fast forward.

I maintained a healthy weight for years, even after the birth of my son in 2006. I was even down to my lowest weight (125 lbs.), which I didn’t really think it became me. Clearly, others thought the same since several people, including strangers, made rude remarks concerning my weight. Surprisingly, I wasn’t called out for my weight when I was overweight. However, I went through a bout of depression in 2009, thus once again my weight spiraled out of control, and I was back in the same weight range that I was in as a teenager. In the following year, I took charge of my health and enlisted the help of a diet meal plan and had a successful weight loss that brought me back down to my ideal weight.

Since weight loss came effortlessly easy after my first pregnancy, I thought it would be the same thing after the birth of my daughter. Unfortunately, those pregnancy pounds are still wanting to linger after 2 years. I had enlisted the help of the diet meal plan that I did in 2010, yet my results weren’t as successful as the first time around, even though I stuck to the plan.

As I’ve gotten older, my body can’t tolerate some foods like it used to tolerate. Therefore, I feel like the plan held me back from having a true weight loss due to some food sensitivities. I also believe the high sodium content in the foods weren’t exactly helping either, as too much sodium can cause one to retain water. All of the meals were portion friendly, but I’d feel like a stuffed piñata after a meal, most of the time. I have to give credit where credit is due. It did help me lose some weight (went from 159 to 145 lbs.). It also helped me to learn portion control, as well as what other foods besides dairy products that don’t agree with my body.

Carla’s Weight Loss Journey with Noom Pro

Next week, I’ll be sharing my experience with the Noom Coach. Stay tuned!

I received compensation for participating in this 30 Day Challenge and my work on this review. This post was made possible by Mom Spark Media. Thoughts are my own.


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