Week 3 with Nutrisystem #NSNation

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Nutrisystem Mac and Cheese with a Side of Vegetables

Last week, the weather was nice all of the way around. So, my family and I took advantage of the nice weather, and took a lot of walks at one of our favorite spots, the Indian Hill Overlook Park. Between the walks and my Nutrisystem diet, I didn’t lose a single pound! I didn’t gain either, so that’s definitely a good thing. So, I’m hoping that I only reached a mini plateau. I’m sure that I’m losing inches since my clothes are starting to feel a little looser. I’m just a little too lazy to whip out the tape measure and take measurement after measurement! :D

I don’t drink soda at all, so no worries there, yet there’s one area that I need more improvement in, and that is I need to get back into the groove of drinking water on a regular basis. I’ll get to a point where I’ll drink it practically non-stop, and then I’ll get bored with it after awhile. So, my next goal within the next few weeks is to gradually start drinking more and more water. This would truly and tremendously help me since I usually retain water way too easily! Other than that minor snag, everything is going well so far!

Brussel Sprouts with Sea Salt and Cracked Pepper

Here’s my progress so far:

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  1. Don’t get discouraged. I have times where I don’t lose anything and usually it’s either that time of the month or because I am stressed.

  2. Do not get discouraged. Go by how your clothes feel. The scale is not always accurate. Muscle weighs more than fat.
    Angela recently posted..Jam Filled Butter CookiesMy Profile

  3. Pesky scales not doing what we want them to! At least you’re still feeling a difference. You’re doing great by exercising. Definitely drink more water. I’m guilty of that myself.
    Paula @ Frosted Fingers recently posted..Books I Read Last Month {April}My Profile

  4. I got bored and tired of water this winter and am just starting to drink more of it again with the warmer temps. I feel better for doing so too. Not as sluggish or something.
    Theresa @ Faith and Family Reviews recently posted..Shefit Revolutionary Sports Bra ReviewMy Profile

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