Evenflo Symphony DLX

I receive the Platinum Symphony DLX in partnership with Evenflo and One2One Network, yet opinions are exclusively my own.

Evenflo Symphony DLX

In terms of style, comfort, and safety, car seats have come a long, long, long way since I was a child, and even since my son was born almost a decade ago. This is a good thing since I can not so fondly remember that when I was a toddler that I always somehow managed to escape my car seat! I didn’t like the sense of confinement that the car seat gave me. I wanted my freedom! I guess my daughter is like me already in that regard because she doesn’t like being confined at all. She adopted this attitude early on, because she’d refuse to even be in a playpen or high chair. As my daughter gets older and more aware of her surroundings, she finds that a car seat hinders her freedom, as well, yet oddly enough she now loves stroller rides. Thankfully, car seats aren’t like they used to be, or otherwise she’d have found some way to get out of it by now!

Evenflo Platinum Series

There is no denying that the Evenflo’s Platinum Symphony DLX ($249.99; Emerson) is everything that I look for in a car seat. In fact, it goes above and beyond to leave quite an impression. Easy to install – ☑. Comfortable – ☑. Super safety features – ☑. Stylish ☑.

I was pleasantly surprised that installation was effortlessly easy. A few days shortly after the birth of my daughter in 2012, a CPS technician was helping me install my daughter’s car seat before I left the hospital. I had to get another CPS technician to help, because the other one couldn’t help but shake her head in confusion. When a CPS technician is even confused, this indicates how complicated it is to install some car seats. So, finding one that doesn’t overexert brain power, is quite refreshing!

Another thing that’s refreshing is how content and comfortable my daughter was when we recently went on a road trip (she is normally not a fan of long car rides, or being in a car seat for that matter).

Side View of  Evenflo Symphony DLX

One notable feature that I love about the Evenflo Symphony DLX is the OUTLAST® Performance Fabric, which is the same fabric that NASA uses for their astronauts to help regulate body temperature. Considering the sweltering hot months that are ahead of us, this is extremely important! I also love the built-in cup holders, making my daughter’s drinks even more accessible.


Since messes from baby and toddlers are inevitable, I marvel at the fact that pad can easily come out to throw in the washing machine since it is machine washable.

Car Seat Buckle Storage

The superior e3 Side Impact Protection is designed to tremendously reduce the force of side impact up to 50% with advanced energy absorption and an expanded zone of protection. As if it doesn’t get any better, the buckle storage tucks the buckle tongues away, making it safer and easier for a child to get in and out of the car seat. Not only you don’t have to worry about mindlessly digging for lost buckles, but this keeps the buckles cool, considering how hot they can get during hot weather, and cold during cold weather. Ingenious!


Back of  Evenflo Symphony DLX


Side Impact Protection

Overall, I’m beyond pleased with the Platinum Symphony DLX, and highly recommend this car seat if you’re looking for something that ensures ultimate protection and comfortability. It’s recommended for children 5 lbs – 110 lbs.

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HilLesha O'Nan is also the founder of Fashion Fling and The Beauty Counter.

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