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Beautiful and Handmade Rugs at Medallion Rug Gallery

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Dirt and stains come with the territory when there are children and pets in the household. Fast as the dirt and stains appear on the carpet, we try our best to remedy it with stain removals or carpet shampooers. It’s an endless battle that no one is destined to win. That’s why area rugs can be lifesavers. They beautify the home, camouflage the inevitable everyday mishaps, and protect the carpet.

New Contemporary Indian Area Rug

The New Contemporary Indian Area Rug 51289 ($3,996.56; 9 x 12) blends in with the nautical theme and color scheme of my living room so well! Even though the color is medium-toned, it isn’t drab in the least. Instead, it livens up the living room with its rich color and pattern. Measuring at 9 x 12, it’s the perfect size opposed to the 5′ x 8′ rug I previously had in the living room. It takes up half of the living room, but somehow it makes it look more spacious. Also, it’s made of wool material. Wool is naturally stain-resistant to a degree (has a 30% higher stain resistance rate than the best synthetic fiber rugs). In an addition to resisting stains, wool area rugs are naturally flame resistant without the use of chemicals, durable, and will last years to come. It may be costly opposed to synthetic rugs, yet it’s durability, beautiful craftsmanship, and longevity is what makes a wool rug worth every penny.

New Contemporary Indian Area Rug 51289

To say that Medallion Rug Gallery has a vast collection of rugs would be an understatement. They have a massive (over 10,000!) collection of unique and exquisite handmade rugs. It practically took me hours before I decided on the rug that I wanted. To top it off, they offer Free Shipping and 50-80% off retail price on their rugs.

Medallion Rug Gallery

Target Side Table

Green Area Rug

Happy Feet

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