A Selfish Christmas with AXE and Walgreens Giveaway #selfishxmas

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I’m probably one of the easiest people to please when it comes to gift giving, so I’m probably in the minority when I say that I don’t exactly have a wishlist. Sure, there are some things that I need, and even some things that I want, yet I’m not in that mindset where I want or need them now! icon biggrin A Selfish Christmas with AXE and Walgreens Giveaway #selfishxmas Some of those things include new furniture, such as a sofa and coffee table; Vitamix blender, a bed (Sleep Number or Tempur-PedicI’m not picky!), and telephoto lens for my cameras.

untitled A Selfish Christmas with AXE and Walgreens Giveaway #selfishxmas

Have yourself a little “selfish” Christmas!

Celebrate a selfish Christmas this holiday season and give yourself a chance to win what you really want — an Xbox One. Visit here and register to win from between now and December 31st. If you want even more chances to win, head to Walgreens and pick up participating AXE® products and scan your receipt for more entries.

untitled1 A Selfish Christmas with AXE and Walgreens Giveaway #selfishxmas

If you’re looking for instant rewards, buy $15 worth of AXE® products and scan your receipt to receive a $5 Walgreens gift card automatically! Head to Walgreens now, because the more you buy, the more rewards you earn and the more chances you get to take home an Xbox One.

Between December 15th – 21st, buy participating AXE® products the second is 50% off, making it even easier to have a selfish Christmas and with more entries and rewards from AXE® and Walgreens.

Mark your calendars! If you want expert hair care advice and grooming tips this holiday season, celebrate with the AXE® Saturdate® at your local Walgreens on Saturday, December 21. Visit from 10 A.M.– 5 P.M. and Beauty Advisors will be on hand for exclusive product samples and coupons. And, for even more ways to celebrate, you can come in and buy 1, get 1 50% off of participating AXE® products for the week leading up to Saturdate®, December 15th – 21st.

Prize(s): One winner will receive a $20 Walgreens Gift Card.

Please Note: Gift cards will not be sent to the winner until after the first of the year.

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The giveaway will conclude on December 26th.

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  1. My Christmas list is always the same – anything from Tiffany’s :)

  2. i want a new handbag

  3. kathleen gersch says:

    new shoes

  4. Mary Happymommy says:

    I’d like a new camera bag.

  5. A pair of boots

  6. Our insurance to cover autism treatment.

  7. michelle m says:

    I want a starbucks gift card…..and money for daycare so i can go to school :)

  8. susan wiener says:

    luv a diamond necklace. thx

  9. Tiffani Jade says:

    I want a new bedding set.

  10. Margaret Smith says:

    I’d love some new pots and pans or a tablet

  11. I’d love a tablet of some kind and some new warm, cozy slippers.

  12. sharlene Caisse says:

    Spend time wtih my family and friends is what I want.

  13. I really want to enjoy time with my family and relax! :)

  14. win the lotto and retire

  15. I would love a sports watch!

  16. Colin Glendon says:

    a melodica

  17. a great time with family

  18. Matt Orley says:

    For Christmas this year, I would love to see my children’s eyes sparkle, the food to fall onto my palette with decadence, and the air to be thick and sweet with baking sugar and vanilla.

  19. I want a new handbag.

  20. Jacob LaFountaine says:

    I want a Sony Playstation 4. Not so much for today but for when there is a pile of good games to play

  21. I’d love to get an acoustic guitar this year — one of my resolutions is to take lessons next year!

  22. I’d like to get lots of chocolate.

  23. I want a blu-ray player.

  24. Terri Moore says:

    Lots of thick cream and Burt’s Bees lip balm to get me through the winter.

  25. twisted peppermint shower gel from bath and body works

  26. crystle tellerday says:

    digital camera

  27. I want new pots and pans.

  28. I would like a set of pots and pans

  29. Linda Lansford says:

    I want a watch

  30. i want money

  31. I want an iPad

  32. I like brightly colored yoga leggings from Beyond Yoga


  33. I don’t want anything for Christmas. I have everything I need and am thankful for what I have.

  34. New workout headphones

  35. I would like to have a laptop for Christmas

  36. Wii U video game system

  37. Paige Chandler says:

    i want diamonds…dahling!

  38. New shoes.

  39. new jeans

  40. New bras!

  41. Rebecca Graham says:

    I want restaurant gift cards so that I won’t have to cook.

  42. I want a gift card.

  43. Mary Casper says:

    i want to see my mother

  44. Tory Burch brown riding boots.

  45. I’m getting it. I wanted all my sons home from all over the country and the world and found out last night that it’s going to happen.

  46. tim gooding says:


  47. I would like to get an electric blanket.

  48. Jennifer B says:

    I would love burberry perfume

  49. I really need a new dryer, as mine died…

  50. KELLY MCGREW says:

    i would like down pillows

  51. I really want a Pastry Blender lol
    Becca recently posted..MIKE AND IKE® Halloween Varieties – ReviewMy Profile

  52. I like giftcards!

  53. i want an ipad

  54. Meaghan F. says:

    I want some new jeans and socks.

  55. Serena Powell says:

    I want a new sewing machine.

  56. A gift card from Kohl’s. I lost alot of weight and I need some new clothes!

  57. Ann Fantom says:

    I would like an iPad Mini

  58. Michelle Weaver says:

    I would love a macbook pro

  59. I want a dryer for my hair!

  60. betty moreno says:

    i want a new camara

  61. Rebecca Parsons says:

    I want a keurig for christmas

  62. Susan Christy says:

    Tires for my car, or a laptop – I dream BIG!

  63. I want a new purse.

  64. new socks!!

  65. I would love a tablet!

  66. I would love new MAC blushes

  67. I want a new pair of hiking shoes.

  68. Steve Stone says:

    a new pair of shoes.

  69. I would love a Ipad Air

  70. An iPad.

  71. Douglas Houston says:

    New socks

  72. Karen Drake says:

    The one thing I want for Christmas is to be happy and with my family.

  73. I want an iPad Air.
    Cheryl F. recently posted..Those Who Are DesperateMy Profile

  74. I would love to have a Surface RT tablet.

  75. I would like new music for my commute to work.
    Kimberly Hilbert recently posted..Strawberry Banana SmoothieMy Profile

  76. Sarah Hall says:

    I would like to have a nice pair of diamond earrings.

  77. Michelle Hz says:

    One thng that I want for Christmas is an adobe membership.

  78. new desk chair

  79. Jennifer T says:

    I want a new blender for Christmas

  80. I would love a Silhoutte Cameo this Christmas to use for scrapbooking.
    Jen V recently posted..Monk Fruit In The Raw ~ A Healthy Sugar Alternative for Your Holiday Baking #MCMy Profile

  81. Mya Murphy says:

    K-cups, most definitely!!

  82. Jonathan Barton says:

    Could help us a lot.

  83. rebecca day says:

    a laptop

  84. Disney gift card

  85. I would love to get a kindle fire hd

  86. A future that I can believe in.

  87. I really just want to be home with my family.

  88. Julie Hawkins says:

    I’d like an iPad air

  89. kathy pease says:

    id love a new bluray player

  90. I want Peace on Earth for Christmas.

  91. Susan Smith says:

    A new laptop

  92. I’d like a Kindle Fire.

  93. christina barnes says:

    My niece to come visit :( but her father and his family are very selfish.

  94. for all our bills to go “ppof” in a puff of glitter….lol.
    id love to get perfume this year

  95. Stephanie Larison says:

    I want a new laptop!

  96. Sky Sparkle says:

    I really want a tv.

  97. Mendy Dinsmore says:

    A sweepstakes win!

  98. dolores.sternenberg says:

    yes i just have to have it

  99. There are a couple of perfumes I have my eye on.

  100. I want an iPad!

  101. I want an xbox one

  102. An all in one printer/scanner/copier…and I got one!
    Lisa recently posted..Tidy Cats Lightweight 24/7 Perfomance Cat Litter ReviewMy Profile

  103. Carolyn Daley says:

    I would like a BluRay player.

  104. Alex Roach says:

    to be happy!

  105. Lorayne Gothard says:

    I really want a shark vacuum cleaner

  106. Carla Pullum says:

    I want a new Christmas Tree

  107. Ava Chavez says:

    Just to have a Happy Christmas Morning…no one fighting, and bickering…just a nice smooth morning.

  108. I really want new shoes.

  109. Janice Cooper says:

    God to send us money for a new refrigerator. Unfortunately our refrigerator is dying. Just started about a week ago (ughh!)

  110. A Kindle Fire HDX.
    Susan Climan recently posted..Euro Trip 2013My Profile

  111. PS4

  112. natasha tucker says:

    comfy new headphones or a laptop!

  113. Ashley Marciniak says:

    Xbox one for my boyfriend, since I couldn’t get him anything this year.

  114. Need a new iPad mini case!

  115. A new camera

  116. thischickwins says:

    i want a bike

  117. Thomas Murphy says:

    I want a ipad.

  118. The one thing I want is a HDTV.

  119. I want our crumbling basement wall fixed.

  120. A new camera :)

  121. Time with family.

  122. Sandra VanHoey says:

    I wanted my children and grandchildren to be all together but we couldn’t. We are all in different states

  123. Barb Stenby says:

    I just want a nice peaceful day with my husband & son

  124. i want a free hotel stay somewhere

  125. Wanda Banks says:

    All my children home

  126. I wanted a camera and was lucky enough to get one.

  127. I wanted a … honestly I couldnt think of anything I really wanted this year.

  128. I want a kindle

  129. Tracie Trump says:

    Love a Nikon J1 camera

  130. All I wanted was for my son to have a happy holiday and he did. :)

  131. would love an ipad!

  132. Thanks for the giveaway… a new pair of golf shoes.

  133. I have wanted a dishwasher forever. Thank you

  134. Nicole DeFontes says:

    Already got it. My kids faces lighting up on Christmas morning.

  135. Buddy Garrett says:

    I want a job.

  136. Rajee P Pandi says:

    xbox one

  137. All I want for Christmas is simply to have a wonderful holiday, surrounded by my loving family!
    Tamara recently posted..Bike Lane 8×10 Printable Art – Black & White Bicycle Sign – Digital Art – Instant Download – Biker decor, Cyclist by MyHeartfeltDesignsMy Profile

  138. A new blanket,and I got it!
    Deb K recently posted..We Have the Blu-ray #MovieMagic Giveaway Winner!My Profile

  139. an elliptical

  140. Virginia Rowell says:

    All I want for Christmas is some smell good candles.

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