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Money-Savi​ng Upcycled Kitchen Décor Ideas from Country Woman

The prime season to honor Earth Day and start spring cleaning is upon us.

When it comes to your cooking space, you can cross two things off your list at once thanks to Country Woman, the #1 Country Lifestyle Magazine, and its creative Upcycled Kitchen Decorating and Organizing Ideas.

Both fashionable and functional, these simple, sustainable tips will help clear clutter, spruce up your kitchen and save you money along the way.

Some Upcycled Ideas Include:


· Repurposed Flowerpot Pendant Lights — Much more than a spot for seedlings, inverted concrete flowerpots can transform into chic pendant lights that look great over your counter or table.


· Redesigned Driftwood — Save those scraps from windfall trees. With a little creativity you can turn them into cutting boards or windowsill glass planters for those bright springtime blooms.


· Salvage-Pile Kitchen Surfaces — Scour saw mill burn piles and marble warehouses’ leftover materials. You may find some fabulous, but affordable, fragments that can be used for countertops, dining tables, benches and more. Christina Symons’s (blogger at Everyday Eden) dream kitchen had originally been tossed out, including the parts for this butterfly table, fashioned from two slabs of cedar, a delivery pallet, old tools.


· Deli Canister Kitchen Organizers — No need to splurge on expensive kitchen organizers. Recycled deli canisters and mason jars turned sideways become instant, stylish containers that will keep your shelves neatly sorted.


· Instant DIY Aged Metal — Like the look of distressed metal? Whether you want a rustic, rusted look, a perfect patina or a shabby-chic feel, cheat time and age with Country Woman’s three tricks for aging metal instantly.


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HilLesha O'Nan is also the founder of Fashion Fling and The Beauty Counter.

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