KID Approved: Hotel Transylvania

The Hotel Transylvania Social Game is inspired by no other than the highly anticipated Hotel Transylvania movie, which will be debuting in the theaters on September 28th. It is a fun and involving game that will easily appeal to the young and the young at heart, whether you are 6 or 60.

This game enables the game player to decorate, manage, and maintain their own thriving Hotel Transylvania. Your ultimate goal is to attract monsters of all walks of life that are wanting a place to sleep and get away from everyday life stresses. Make sure that they’re happy by adding a varied selection of torturous amenities. You can create your own staff by growing zombies (slow zombie, average zombie, or zombiette) in the hotel’s graveyard. They will cater to your every beck and call as long as you make sure that they’re well fed with what zombies like! Also, check out the game on a daily basis to collect rewards, share gifts with friends and family, and entertain your guests in order for your hotel to be a success.

My son can barely wait for Hotel Transylvania to release in the theaters after getting a glimpse of the movie trailer, so I knew that this game would probably pacify him until then. He normally doesn’t get online, but I let him play online games from time to time. After he had finished playing this game under my Facebook account (he’s under the age limit to get his own Facebook account), I asked him his thoughts on this game.

His response?
The monster game was fun………

Sony Pictures Presents “Hotel Transylvania”, where monsters go to get away from it all. Check in September 2012.

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  1. Looks cute!

    My kids are dying to see this movie when it comes out next week!

  2. Morgan Lepley-Edger says:

    Ah! Cute! I had no idea they had such a fun game! My whole household is dying for this movie to come out!

  3. What a fun game just in time for Halloween!

  4. Oh cute! I love Halloween-y stuff!

  5. That looks like a cool game! My daughter would love it, she's all about Halloween right now.

  6. I'm a wee bit embarrassed to admit that I'm more excited about this movie than my son. :)

  7. This is a must see for me and my young adult and teenage children haha

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