Faelen: 2 Months Old

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It’s almost hard for me to believe that my tiny girl that arrived a couple months ago isn’t so tiny anymore! I was almost afraid to hold her during her first few weeks, because she seemed so fragile. Silly, I know. However, she quickly gained some pounds on her, and she’s at that cuddly stage. Also, her personality is slowly starting to come in, making us adore her more and more!

❏ Loves to smile and laugh. Believe it or not, she smiled the first week after she was born.
❏ Will mimic you if you stick your tongue out at her. Plus, she’ll keep doing it. It is so adorable!
❏ Doesn’t like to be held like a baby most of the time. Her brother was the same way as a baby. She likes to try to stand up when she is in my lap. It’s cute how she does it, because she will push and push until you place her into a standing position.
❏ Usually sleeps good through the night (we usually don’t hit the sack until 11 PM), even though she’ll wake once or twice to be fed. She wasn’t like this in the beginning, of course, making us zombies of parents. I now have a better sense of clarity and feel well-rested during the day since she sleeps much better.
❏ We had to finally forgo the bassinet, because she absolutely HATED it!
❏ She has already lost some of her hair. I was a bit surprised since I believe my son was about 3 or 4 months when he lost his hair. Then again, he had A LOT of hair, unlike my daughter.
❏ Has a love/hate relationship with the swing.
❏ Absolutely hated the pacifier (like her brother did) at first until I discovered the WubbaNub. She has two of them, a giraffe and monkey. However, she prefers the monkey. What a lifesaver!
❏ She usually isn’t fussy, unless she gets the hiccups. She hates them. Who doesn’t?

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I’m also the founder of Fashion Fling and The Beauty Counter.

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