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According to the WhitePages Names web-site, James and Mary are the two most common names. This hardly comes as a surprise, but I thought John and Elizabeth would be in the top lead. They do follow behind, though. Other names such as David, Michael, Robert, Richard, Jennifer, Linda, Margaret, Barbara, and Patricia are some of the most popular names as well.

I enjoyed looking up different names to hear their pronunciation and to learn their meanings. I even looked up mine, knowing that I’m probably the only HilLesha in the world at the moment. I looked up my son‘s and daughter‘s name, but only a very few people share their name. Therefore, I wasn’t able to find out that much.

I also love the various features that this web-site has to offer:

Name of the Day: Yves

French: from a Germanic personal name representing a short form of various compound names containing the element iv ‘yew’. The final -s is the mark of the Old French nominative case. The name was introduced to Britain from France at the time of the Norman Conquest. See also Ivo.

Names by State: James and Michael are the two most popular names in Indiana (where I reside). The two most popular last names are Smith and Miller.

You can also search for names by city, decade, and meaning. The “Search by Time” is my personal feature, which is a draggable slider that lets you view the most popular and least popular names of the past century. Did you know in the 1990’s there are 119 people named Andromeda – and they are all girls?

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I’m also the founder of Fashion Fling and The Beauty Counter.

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